Challenge of new life ELECOM group continues endlessly

One success is only the simple passage point
We continue challenging against the next growth

During "30 years of ELECOM or more histories, what we continued all the time protects their justice and is sincere and is to have grown up definitely humbly. Because feel that what everybody does not hate is troublesome, do not escape, do not deceive. As a result of having carried through such a posture; 100 billion yen. It was not very big sum, but was able to establish strong business model.

ELECOM does not have success. This is because moment, growth that we thought to be success are over. Even if was able to achieve any big aim, that is the simple passage point. Aiming at further growth of there, it is ELECOM that challenges. We got rid of image called ELECOM = PC peripheral device and it was health care-related and made efforts in the field of audio system and secured constant share for business of B to C. However, we cannot achieve further big growth when we are satisfied with this.

Therefore it is B to B business of 200 billion yen scale that what we have already started considered overseas advance. We have already started embedded related project to support AI and IoT, tablet PC, IT infrastructure in earnest.

It is new challenge of ELECOM which published "LIFESTYLE INNOVATION".

We strengthen technology,
All the employees want to create environment serving as self-realization

It is "technology" to be necessary to win the challenge. We received more than 130 engineers from major company in these past 2-3 years. ELECOM has already possessed strong business power. We add strong technology to that and want to do in company to be able to boast of technique that is high in layer thick to.

While expert engineers with various techniques work together in competition, we prevent break of technique by telling in the next generation and build technology high more and yet more. Engineer who is analog engineer, digital…We protect the skill that layer of, technique complicated more and more of Japan with consecutive aspect and think that we want you to inherit in new generation like.

I say, "we want ELECOM group to make place of self-realization" for employee every day. By realizing work that it wants to do, lead to growth of each employee, and this is because development is accomplished, and eventually, as company.

Technique of high quality is added and, with diversified "power of new life ELECOM group", challenges the world. This is the next stage which ELECOM group aims at.

We have single-minded, hot will,
For realization of endless dream
We go and make rapid progress

We think well, and employee of ELECOM group decides job with each opinion by oneself and works. Of "self-realization in the company think that is proof that consciousness called place" spreads among.

Work that employee decided, "we do it!" by oneself has you challenge more and more. It often results in learning from there really even if we failed. On the contrary, for what we do not challenge for fear of failure, we fly into a rage. It is not base of company collapsing by one failure, and it does not turn out that we do not do anything. We hypothesize and think that we want failure to advance fearlessly.

ELECOM group admires for single-minded, hot will that students has now, and friend and the soil helping that are cultivated.

Even if rationalization, efficiency are planned more and more while solution advances, is Person to Person after all. They think faithfully while valuing a person's bond with people, and ELECOM group praises posture to leave with every effort without treating.

We will make rapid progress toward implementation of endless dream with us.


Junji Hada/President
It was born in 1953 and is from Mie. March, 1976 Konan University Business Administration Department graduation.
We establish ELECOM in May, 1986 and take office as board member. August, 1992 managing director.
June, 1994 executive managing director. It is President from November, 1994.