Seagate: Seagate attaching externally hard disk


What is Seagate?

One of the world's largest
Hard disk maker

Seagate: Seagate is American huge hard disk manufacturer proud of one of the world's largest shares. Much PC, peripheral device manufacturers adopt HDD of Seagate in Japan.

As for you,
Is it ... using now?

Hard disk of Seagate is adopted to imminent products such as TV or Blu-ray recorder other than the PC body and server. You may have been already used for household appliances you have.

Seagate hard disk image
External hard disk image

Of a few self-developed drive deployment
External hard disk

External HDD of Seagate produces production, housing on an assembly line from plan design in-house. Technique of trust proud of the shipment results more than 2 billion totals concentrates in external hard disk of Seagate.

New hard disk SGD-MX series /SGP-MX series of Seagate came up.
We prepare for Black, 2 colors of white, abundant capacity lineup.

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