ELECOM social media policy

We observe policy as follows and, about each official account (the following, this account) which we authorize, will manage.

  1. 1. Administration summary

    Administration contents
    Dispatch of various contents such as information about activity and product, service that we carry out.
    Time to send contents
    Weekdays 9:00-18:00 (for New Year holidays, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays and our holiday to set are excluded).
    In addition, we may send on the date and time except the above.
    We finish administration without notice or this account may be deleted.
  2. 2. Administration observance matter

    1. We observe laws and ordinances, office rule.
    2. We prohibit rights abuse acts such as the copyright, honor right of third party.
    3. We prohibit public release of secret information outside the company, closed information of customer and business partner.
    4. We protect user privacy.
    5. Except at the time of event that we carry out, we do not handle private information basically.
  3. 3. About response to reply on SNS and inquiry

    1. We do not reply to all of comment that we had.
    2. About inquiry by direct message, we will not answer.
    3. About inquiry about us and our product or opinion, please use our site "inquiry page" (https://www.elecom.co.jp/support/access/).
  4. 4. About matter which we will be careful about

    1. We try to send accurate intelligence as much as possible, but do not guarantee certainty, integrity, usefulness of information.
    2. About comment posted by user, we do not take responsibility at all.
    3. We do not take responsibility about the damage that covered by user having used this account or by not having been available.
    4. We do not take responsibility about the damage that user or third party took by trouble between users or trouble between user and third party.
    5. Copyrights of posted contents belonged to the user who posted concerned, but should be agreed to user was nonexclusive without prior consent of user and payment of value for user in all or part of contents in the whole world for us and should consent to right to do use (reproduction, processing, translation, extract, exhibition) if and when was posted and not using copyrights for us.
    6. When we acquire personal information from user, we handle the private information concerned appropriately based on our "privacy policy" (https://www.elecom.co.jp/privacy/).
    7. As this account applies along rule of each SNS service provision company, we cannot accept question about SNS service or opinion.
    8. We may change these guidelines without notice.
  5. 5. About matter to ask users for

    For achievement of better communication, please refrain from the following acts. When act of user corresponds to any of the following, we may cancel deletion of contribution contents and block, follow of account.

    1. Act against public order and morals or act to provide information against public order and morals
    2. Act to identify personal information of other users or third party without consent of the person, and to disclose, and to leak out
    3. Act to damage us, third party
    4. Act to tamper with information provided through this account
    5. Act for the purpose of profit to perform in conjunction with through this account or this account without our approval
    6. Act to violate us, copyright or other intellectual property rights of third party
    7. Act slanders us, third party, and slanders or to hurt honor or trust
    8. Election campaign, religious activity or act similar to these
    9. Act to disturb administration of this account
    10. Act that we post irrelevant to purpose of this account
    11. Act to judge that other we are inappropriate
  6. 6. About governing law, jurisdiction

    Japanese law is applied to this policy as governing law and, also, does Osaka District Court about dispute to occur about this account with exclusive agreement competent court of the first trial.

  7. 7. About inquiry

    About inquiry and repair, exchange about us and our product, opinion, please use our site "inquiry page" (https://www.elecom.co.jp/support/access/).

Social media policy