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ELECOM formula signage introduction service

what' s signage?

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what' s signage?

Digital signage is new communication means to turn into signboard and poster

Digital signage is generic name of system letting electronic equipment such as tablet and liquid crystal display, LED display display information.

Digital signage is utilized at various places such as the outdoors, store, public space, means of transportation and attracts attention as new information media as a substitute for poster of conventional signboard and paper.

As not only image but also video and Audio can send, we can attract high attention. In addition, we can let you display information that as person seeing operates touch panel, the person needs.

Digital signage spread widely so far around large-scale commercial facilities or public facilities, but places that even small store or facilities introduce increase recently.

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What is the most suitable utilization method to have the best matching at hotel, inn?

By installing signage along entrance and lobby, line of flow of hotel guest including corridor, can send event information and information such as floor guidance, banquet guidance. Highly visible signage becomes substitute for conventional signboard and leads to improvement of convenience.

In addition, by installing signage in restaurants such as added restaurants, by feeding advantageous information that we put together at time such as introduction and lunch, cafe, dinner of recommended menu in season, is tied to pulling in customers including promotion Video.

And by sending English and Chinese, information by multiple languages including Korean to signage which we installed in lobby in hall as well as Japanese information, aim at satisfaction up of hotel guest of visit to Japan foreigner.

By, in emergency, letting you send disaster prevention information to signage which you installed in entrance and lobby, corridor, can plan reduction of load of smooth evacuation of hotel guest and evacuation instruction by the staff.

3 benefits

Digital signage supports best hotel, inn with three advantages

  1. 1:

    Timely, effective solicitation

    By appointing whether you let you display contents in in which area and which time, and pinpoint is timely and can send information and can send advantageous news or latest information effectively.

    Besides, video is said to be rate to recognize visually of about 15 times in comparison with poster and makes possible more effective solicitation.

  2. 2:

    Reduction of correspondence duties load

    In form changing language by touch, we can display guidance in hall and neighboring guidebooks multilingually.

    We plan improvement of convenience of customer of visit to Japan foreign tourist that increase is anticipated and can reduce correspondence duties burden on staff in future.

  3. 3

    Cost cut

    It is not necessary other than contents production charges and the maintenance expense of apparatus even if we updated information at high frequency if we install digital signage once. In other words, it is that expense that print which it took by changes such as conventional poster or signboard puts and suffers from substitute, change becomes needless.

    Problem that was not able to update information very much can be settled by problem of expense by introduction of digital signage.

Further! We add three Features only by ELECOM easy signage!

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  1. 4

    Timely, effective solicitation

    Production representation of multilingual contents is possible

    We accept production of multilingual contents. We produce contents for translation to foreign language and signage for the cause by Japanese data causing including brochure. Correspondence language becomes English, Korean, Chinese (simplified Chinese character/Chinese Traditional).

  2. 5

    Cost cut

    Free schedule & various layouts

    It is possible for "indication by operation that delivery in schedule along various requests is easy "indication about contents that we produced only on Friday" only in the morning". In addition, various patterns are in layout of screen from full display to the plural division.

  3. 6

    Replacement is possible immediately

    It is operable without monthly basis expense

    There is no running cost such as cloud fees to deliver using Network in hall in your facilities. We can largely hold down cost that operation costs.


Guidance of constitution example

To needs of customer, we prepare for the most suitable constitution plan.

Entrance | Welcome board & event guidance
Restaurant | Menu guidance
Entrance | Welcome board & event guidance
Restaurant | Menu guidance
Multilingual contents production service contents

flow of available

Flow until the use

If it is ELECOM, introduction in short term is possible

Flow until the use
  • step1 inquiry

    Please refer than form.

  • step2 hearing

    We hear size of display, setting method, request including modi operandi.

  • step3 temporary estimate

    We issue temporary estimate for the cause by contents which we heard.
    (setting work costs become rough estimate. Amount of money may be changed after the field work)

  • step4 field work

    We perform field work of setting work place as needed.

  • step5 book estimate

    We issue estimate for the cause by result of field work.

  • step6 setting, setting

    Worker visits and, after the order, works on setting, setting.

  • step7 completion

    Setting, setting is completed and becomes delivery of goods.
    ※It is indication in schedule. It may fluctuate by construction contents, time.

  • step8 operation

    We act for operation such as content distribution of digital signage, life and death monitoring continuously.
    ※In the case of cloud service contract


Introduction example

  • IMS (imusu) group Ikebukuro royal clinic

    IMS (imusu) group
    Ikebukuro royal clinic

    Digital signage of ELECOM plays an active part in clinic making clinical survey, medical examination to disseminating information in waiting room

  • Roadside Station wisteria mountain

    Roadside Station wisteria mountain

    We introduce "ELECOM easy signage" in "Roadside Station wisteria mountain" overlooking Mount Fuji. We are sending contents to report charm of town

  • Naps state

    Naps state

    We introduce "ELECOM easy signage" into motorcycle article store 18 store. We are delivering contents production & in a lump in the head office

  • purena Makuhari

    purena Makuhari

    Commercial facilities "purena Makuhari" of Makuhari new capital heart is sending sales promotion contents of adoption tenant store with "ELECOM easy signage"

user voice

Voice of customer

Contents production should be able to entrust you, too!

As we edited if I handed material and made video contents, we were saved. Video had a big reaction from customer, and sales of product which we introduced increased after the delivery! (sightseeing spot)

It is charm that is easy to manage delivery state!

You should know whether new contents are downloaded properly at glance now what kind of state it is in. (retail store)

We were able to largely reduce operational cost!

As update of contents was concluded only with PC operation in office, we were able to greatly reduce trouble of operation. (meeting room administration for rent)