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We restrain shoplifting
For compact security system,
Tablet for duties of Logitec

Introduction report
Toe one state
Toe one based in Nagoya-shi performed development, design mainly on security apparatus after the founding of 1984 in-house. We receive needs from user and are fabless company producing in cooperation factory.
Of security tablet "mitemasu" restraining shoplifting with toe one state this time on renewing, We had you adopt tablet devices made by Logitec. We heard story from Horio of representative director about the details of process and "mitemasu".

We restrain shoplifting by projecting monitoring image to screen of tablet


Security tablet "mitemasu" is security system which restrains crime by displaying monitoring Video to screen on the spot as the name shows. 10.1 inches of front tablet with camera always records and project monitoring Video to screen. And telop, sensor recognizes that people approach, and "you come, and thank you for your visit" is structure which flow, animation of bowing woman appear. In this way, shoplifter recognizes that oneself is taken, and it is said that we can restrain crime. We can set sentence of telop freely, and arrangement to make displayed animation company's original image character is possible.

In what is installed, there are many shelves of small size product which place where staff in large store such as home center and sports outfitter is hard to keep an eye on and crime prevention tag are not touched now. It is actually said that big deterrent effect goes up at store which we installed.

"Shoplifting brings the serious damage in store. After collecting data at plural stores which we installed, President Horio says, we were able to reduce damage from 30% to 90% about the effect.

Not only we install surveillance camera, but also, as for it being revealed, "own figure is recorded surely" by glance, there is big deterrent effect.
It is said that inquiries from store, "we want to handle by durable improvement by this renewal, maintenance-related improvement by all means" increase.

We adopt tablet made by batteryless Logitec specialized in use of deferment


In fact, it is said that commercial tablet devices was used in first "mitemasu". However, it is said that the expansion by deterioration of battery occurred when it passes for approximately three years to be connected to AC power all the time during business hours of the day, and to use. As this might lead to accidents such as ignition, we collected with toe one state at any time and seemed to change. In this labor looked for tablet devices which was usable for duties because cost too much.

In tablet LT-H0310B/CAM made by Logitec adopted this time in "mitemasu", it is operation only with AC power without being equipped with battery with model specialized in use of deferment. In this way, worry of aged deterioration of battery became zero.

In addition, it was necessary to let that cope on the application side when update of the Android OS was carried out in commercial tablet devices. In this regard, it does not need update of application as the OS is fixed at current opportunity. Furthermore, 1.9 million pixels of front cameras are put on LT-H0310B/CAM and can catch state of store clearly. We can right say that it is tablet devices which just matched Uses of "mitemasu".

For posture in response to user needs, we will develop unique product in future

Call employee with toe one state in "pocket call ID" to tell about accident in the workplace where worker is alone or home center other than "mitemasu"; "come slightly, and call" tells about shoplifting of rice and beer at supermarket store; when "decreased, developed unique product such as call".

We announce "miscarriage medicine prevention cart MEPS21" preventing miscarriage medicine accident in clinical practice and are continuing energetic development now.

It is viewpoint of "the customer first" that is common to these products.

 As for "our mission and Horio, it emphasizes we solve problem that customer has by own development capability, and to send satisfaction".

To domain where crime prevention, medical care and the world vary with product to report "relief to. "This is toe one-like thought.

Customer profile

Junichi Horio
Toe one representative director

Toe one

"Let's become company playing an active part for the 21st century!" It is 1984 35 years ago that we put, such thought in company name and were founded.
After developing energy saving apparatus sale business around factory and commercial store, in form to meet passage of times and needs of business partner, we start production and sales of security equipment. "We come for a minute, and novel self-developed product is used for "call "simple broadcasting station" "mitemasu" mainly on home center and drugstore call" "pocket call" currently at many stores when it decreases".
In addition, in the medical field, we develop "miscarriage medicine prevention cart MEPS21" preventing on-site miscarriage medicine accident and develop business to the new field.



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