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Introduction report
Ubiteq Inc.
Ubiteq Inc. is founded as company pursuing the most tip of electronics in 1977. Afterwards, we grew up as company which could perform network construction, mass production of hardware from software development consistently.
In February, 2019, we release meeting room management service "ROOM CONCIER" (room concierge) in Ubiteq. We had you adopt tablet PC made by Logitec as the terminal. We called about point of process and choice, the actual situation of operation.

We plan optimization in "ka with a view of the use of meeting room situation"

There may be many companies where rate of operation of meeting room decreases for "long time reservation" to reserve "the sky reservation" that is not actually used and time more than required even if we make a reservation while some says, which "meeting room is not enough" "does not get reservation" from office.

Effective inflection of meeting room and efficiency of meeting are elements that are indispensable to improving productivity of company. As for Ubiteq Inc., meeting room management service "ROOM CONCIER" (room concierge) was released in background in February, 2019 in such times. This manages reservation of meeting room, and "ka to see" is system which by doing, optimizes operational efficiency of meeting room.

We can confirm the use situation in tablet devices installed in front of meeting room and, in ROOM CONCIER, can perform reservation/cancel easily. Button grabbing by manual labor is unnecessary that a feeling of person sensor is installed in the room and automatically detects admission//leaving to stay.

In addition, we can be connected to speaker and inform by chime five minutes before the end of the meeting and can sound chime to people who do not come out even if the end time is over from the outside.

We manage meeting time well and prevent "meeting slowly", and there is merit to make arrangements in rapid visitor quickly, and to be able to find place.


Person feeling sensor which was installed in ceiling side. We cover range of 2-3m with one unit.

Unique point of ROOM CONCIER is point cooperating with a feeling of person sensor than meeting reservation system of other companies.

"We install sensor in ceiling, and by detecting a person's movement, admission//leaving to stay is judged automatically. One Onuki of developer says, we can omit trouble to push Switch at the time of admission and leaving and cancel unused lodging reservation and can detect that people using are without making a reservation.
In addition, we say that point that this sensor can introduce into low cost features long him of development leader.

"Construction does not produce ROOM CONCIER very much to collect information from sensor in Wireless using BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy), and point that we can introduce cheaply is strength"

Only to Ubiteq which performs development of in-vehicle container of car, we have high know-how about sensing technology, and that is made use of in ROOM CONCIER.

Main function of ROOM CONCIER

●A feeling of person sensor cooperation function

We can automatically distinguish the use situation of meeting room automatically without operating at the time of admission and leaving by cooperation with a feeling of person sensor.

●Automatic cancellation function

When meeting room is not used according to reservation, we are canceled automatically, and other people can make a reservation again.

●Notice of Audio function

To finish time of reservation, we can perform advance notice of the end of the meeting in Audio.

●Cooperation with groupware

We cope with cooperation with Cybozu and groupware such as office365 and can make confirmation and a reservation of meeting room from PC of own seat.

●Extension operation that is holding a meeting

We can extend from tablet devices which we installed in meeting room all over the meeting at time.

●Message application cooperation function

By making message send, by cooperation with message application, message application can perform admission and operation at the time of leaving and extension operation.

●Adequacy of meeting room operation

It outputs the use results report and can examine operation of appropriate meeting room.

●We list the use situation

Of status list, and can look for meeting room which is vacant while seeing is using, listing.

Battery reply of tablet is available for operation of 365 days in becoming for 24 hours


Point where cords were delivered to neatly on the body back became point of adoption. In addition, back threaded bore supports VESA75 standard, and wall hangings metal fittings and arm, installation to the stands are easy, too.

We collect information on the Internet on choosing terminal to use for ROOM CONCIER, and it is said that we had you choose tablet PC made in Logitec from some candidates. Long he of development leader looks back on this occasion as it was "battery reply" that became condition to choose terminal.

"We use terminal of ROOM CONCIER with being switched on 24 hours a day, every day. Therefore battery might expand when it is model with a built-in battery. In addition, trouble of customer decreases when terminal reboots with verges such as blackouts, electric restoration. We focused on the function. Among others, taking, and there being mawashi from the back, and look saying, and LAN of both thing, Wired and Wireless being usable, thing that for business use, was firm of cord, metal fittings for installation to wall considered that it was prepared and chose terminal of Logitec"

By the way, Logitec performs kitting in ROOM CONCIER and omits trouble of customer. In addition, it is said that it is connected by points such as product knowledge in security that sales representative on the maker side becomes window.

We pursue newer added value by cooperation with AI and other solution

We heard from long him of development leader about future evolution of ROOM CONCIER.

"There are various kinds, but think that it may be interesting if they can make structure optimizing use of meeting room of customer using AI more. In addition, not ROOM CONCIER simple substance, we want to bring about new added value in cooperation with other solution"

ROOM CONCIER which realizes efficiency operation of meeting room of company by "ka with a view of the use situation." Technique of Logitec supports the daily operation.

Customer profile

IoT business Part 2 development leader
Long he
IoT business Part 2 development charge
IoT business Part 2 development charge

Ubiteq Inc.

Being able to provide device, Network, software by one stop in corporate philosophy for "technique and customer intention" in Ubiteq from platform about IoT as strength is development in business. We let the company lasts, and four core techniques called "/sensing to take" "/Network to tie" "cool/application" "/platform to collect" cooperate and continue approach pursuing various possibility of IoT.


IoT business Part 2 Manager Kobayashi, Matsushima, Onuki, head who were engaged in development of ROOM CONCIER from the left.


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