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Introduction report
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In restaurants, stores of type to order in touch panel of tablet devices from table increase. Though "want to order, staff does not come"; become satisfied, and is what kind of dishes, or there is merit to be plain as is available in photograph.
For these past several years in particular, this self-order system accomplishes big progress against a backdrop of needs such as labor shortages. It is "meniu" of world P com state that we meet in that, and is proud of the introduction results of industry No. 1.
We visited Tsutsumi of Abe and Manager SOTS business headquarters production Purchasing Department of the company's board member this time and called about the current situation of self-order system business or future development.

Self-developed terminal with the introduction results of 4000 stores, 120,000


As terminal is environment that is easy to contact with oil or dust, liquid, point big as for the solidity.

As for "meniu", current terminal hits the ninth generation by self-order system which world P com state provided for the restaurant business since establishment of 2000.

It means that terminal of "meniu" self-developed what you should mention specially not commercial tablet PC.

"The first terminal was consumer product, but uses self-developed terminal from the second generation. By developing from the OS in-house, can cope with any trouble, and Director Abe says, it is merit that can succeed data even if terminal is updated as the basic architecture is not strange.

Various know-how is introduced into current terminal through development for many years. One is solidity. Touch panel adopts acrylic board which is hard to be broken not glass. In addition, it is the oxidation strong skeleton because vinegar scattered into a mist form at the time of cooking lets resin of terminal oxidize at sushi restaurant, and it might be said that skeleton is broken in approximately one year by turning combination of raw materials of resin.

meniu where technique of Logitec is made use of in-affiliated apparatus

It is connected to various apparatuses, and meniu functions as system. For example, "ticketing machine of the following photograph awaiting post" can manage waiting in shop which included Web reservation. Furthermore, with "automatic guidance machine" of the following photograph, it is device which visitor coped with from confirmation and waiting to guidance of table in status at store. We can confirm from both Web reservation and local reservations and guide table which character appearing on the screen sits down on or turn to wait for. It is said that we can save labor of man power for one employee of dragoman by utilizing these devices.

It is "LB-C15N" of PC made by Logitec that can be also known as heart of both devices. Because the durability and space-saving gender are found, it is small and is fanless and is equipped with product made in Hagiwara Solutions SSD of ELECOM group same to storage.

As "several hundred are used devices in the whole country, trouble wants to reduce if possible. In that respect, saying chose from security that it was possible for until analysis of the cause even if this SSD was developed in-house, so malfunction took place; Tsutsumi.

For Logitec and technique of Hagiwara Solutions, we seem to have had high validation.

  • Ticketing machine (the left) awaiting post that PC of Logitec has built-in and automatic guidance device (the right).

  • "LB-C15N" reliable by fan reply, the SSD deployment.

We support operation by the system 24 hours a day, every day

For restaurant introducing self-order system into, you must avoid malfunction of terminal and system as much as possible. However, it is necessary for situation that damage and drink by fall spill to assume since we install on the table of customer.

With world P com state, set up support center, by the company staff comprise in quick repair, exchange on supporting by the system 24 hours a day, every day. In addition, professional staff establishes exchange of parts and "meniu repair center" repairing and realizes quick repair correspondence. It will be stouthearted for customer to be able to cope with cause investigation and repair at the time of trouble occurrence by 100% because it adopts hardware and software by the company design in terminal as it mentioned before.

meniu repair center where trouble products gather from the whole country, and the expert staff works on repair. Whenever generation changes, in the terminal, parts decrease, and it is said that repair becomes easy.

We get true needs of customer and make menu contents

It is world P com established in 2000, but it is said that the forerunner is company which undertook trust development of major carrier. "Originally (Director Abe) who cut rudder for development of self-order system whether you could not make use of generic technology about communication that you had"

It is from around 2003 that the recognition of self-order system spread generally, but it is said that needs at the time were "personnel expenses reduction" and "increase of repeat order" "unit price up". However, circumstances of the restaurant business change with the times, and it is said that "labor shortage" becomes motive of big introduction now.

"In the first place there are many customers to want to reduce the staff by introduction of self-order system as it becomes hard to employ people. In addition, Director Abe who says, there are many customers to want to cope with inbound demand because we can be multilingualized. Foreign employees may increase at the same time on the restaurant side, and it is said that it is popular when "meniu" whom we can display by multi-national language is easy to do employee education.

Hearing from customer actually plays a big role on developing menu.

"Needs are greatly different whether overall sales increase is aimed for whether speed is focused on even if it is customer of the same business style. In addition, Director Abe who says, we cope for sense that in a sense a lot of elements that sales greatly change with image to put on screensaver and suggest consult for. Designer and engineer in the company are in charge of making of menu, but tool which we can make on the customer company side is prepared.

The industry one and only! Rich descriptive power with Free layout


For sense to design to paper medium, expression full of a feeling of sizzle is possible.

Descriptive power has Features of "meniu". Order screen can just design image that designer wants to express to be in photograph. We acquire patent about this technique, and other companies cannot come out. Photographs do not just form a line and, by expression full of sizzle feelings that design and the steam that emphasized menu which we want to recommend stand, can stimulate appetite of customer.

In addition, we can display video to screen, and it may be said that point that is available for close design is big Features.

Uses spreads outside the restaurant business


Examination introduction of "meniu" advances in parts ordering system of factory.

It is "meniu" getting share No. 1 in the restaurant business, but it is said that the Uses further spreads now. One is parts ordering system of factory.

"(Manager Tsutsumi) who I receive consultation whether cannot use self-order system for parts ordering of factory from car manufacturer, and is pushing forward examination introduction now"

It is said that we can order system which placed an order for necessary parts with card and slip efficiently speedily if we use self-order system until now.

In "scene where a large number of people choose something as, self-order system shows power anywhere. Labor shortage becomes big problem, but wants to enlarge place of utilization now as well as restaurant to solve this. For example, (Director Abe) who may contribute to by inflecting in hospital or nursing facility, reducing the disposal food"

World P com state that makes brisk achievements against a backdrop of lack of human resources, surge of inbound demand. The technique is going to spread across wall of the restaurant business. Attention must gather for aggressive business deployment that background made utmost support and introduction of self-developed terminal, many patents in future.

Customer profile

World P com
Board member Abe
World P com
SOTS business headquarters production Purchasing Department
Manager Tsutsumi

World P com

Since establishment of 2000, we develop SOTS (self-order total system) business. As for "meniu" with share of domestic No. 1, 120,000 terminals are introduced into 4000 stores.



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