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As touch device of diligence and indolence management software
Touch panel PC of Logitec plays an active part!

Introduction report
Takamatsu-shi, Kagawa that it is doorway of Shikoku, and is known for noted products such as Sanuki-udon.
shinnichi which set up the head office on this ground, and becomes 45 years commencing with design, construction, maintenance of telecommunications facilities, It is company dealing with construction or software development of information system. As device of package software "diligence and indolence management expert" that shinnichi was developed, Android deployment touch panel PC of Logitec was adopted.
We visit Yamauchi of the company's Systems Department system manager engaged in this introduction, We called about the situation of process and operation to lead to introduction.

In cooperation with oken "employment minister NX", we manage arriving and leaving office easily

"Diligence and indolence management expert" developed in shinnichi is package software to be able to do management, count of arriving and leaving office time easily in cooperation with employment, diligence and indolence control system "employment minister NX" of okenkabushikikaisha. We put tablet devices and card reader in each base and, using FeliCa (feh Rika), IC card such as Mifere (my fair), can manage arriving and leaving office of employee just to touch card reader. Trouble of count becomes needless in comparison with chopping by time card, and it is possible to prevent unjust chopping.

"Similar software goes out of other companies, but place that by putting general-purpose tablet and card reader together, can provide system cheaply features "diligence and indolence management expert". In addition, price does not change by number of users, and hurdle of introduction thinks that low place is evaluated even if hundreds per one device use as price is the same. Manager Yamauchi actually says, there is example that about 800 employees use for one device. User does not stay only in Shikoku, and it is said that it spreads from Kanto area to Kyushu now.

"We have effect of corona and cannot readily go to customer, but we introduce software in uebina and are exploring invention in the business end recently"


System chart of "diligence and indolence management expert." It becomes tablet and simple system only as for the IC card leader to put in each base.

We choose Logitec product among trust to trouble correspondence

It is said that "case" with five years ago will be opportunity now in shinnichi having come to have you choose tablet PC of Logitec.

From "nursing facility in Tateyama, Chiba, we accepted an order of diligence and indolence control system. In response to their request, "we wanted to make as cheap as possible", we made system through smartphone made in China, but they have been all ruined in those days. Cause was not worthy of long-time use that we tied to power supply with battery. Therefore after checking in nets, we chose Logitec which seemed to be reliable in Made in Japan and delivered newly. However, trouble happened in firmware this time. But follow at that time was utmost and we actually went to visit the field and were able to cope. Thereafter product made by Logitec came to recommend with security. As we are companies of Shikoku, anyway, device is cheap and is thankful for solid-looking thing. There may be trouble because it is machine thing, but Manager Yamauchi talks about reason of evaluation saying place where the later correspondence is steady is reliable.

Tablet PC made by Logitec specialized for duties


LT-H0310B having "diligence and indolence management expert" adopt this time assumes use of deferment and is not equipped with battery. In this way, like general tablet devices, we use with being connected to AC power, and we do not have to worry to hasten deterioration of battery.

In addition, by being equipped with wired LAN port as well as wireless LAN, cope with a variety of communication environment. By supporting VESA75 which is standard of fixed metal fittings such as thin-screen TVs, wall hangings and deferment metal fittings are available easily, too and pursue convenience as Android tablet for business use. Furthermore, production, repair support system with domestic factory is few Features in other companies, too.

We pursue differentiation with other companies by letting you have original function

shinnichi presenting "expert series" of seven kinds other than "diligence and indolence management expert" now. We visited about the prospects of future business deployment.

"We think that it attracts attention more to say "non-contact" in the coming times. For example, we consider that we can realize * rerudatoka, such a thing by heat by incorporating nyu rerudatoka, thermocamera by face recognition function as added value of "diligence and indolence management expert". In addition, we want to pursue thing which there is not in other companies to let you have count function that you narrowed down to type of industry with special duties system such as hospital and nursing facility"

shinnichi which continues suggesting various solution to plan improvement of business efficiency. As the device, PC of Logitec plays an active part.


Tablet and bar code reader which are used in package software "shipment duties expert" promoting efficiency of shipment inspection work. We supply device depending on on-site request.

- company shinnichi which had coverage support

The head office Systems Department system manager


In 1975 (Showa 50), it is founded in Takamatsu. Other than the Takamatsu head office, we have branch in Kochi-shi and Matsuyama-shi.
Package software "expert series" which the company developed extends to seven kinds.


Company homepage
Expert series homepage

It cooperates with "diligence and indolence management expert"
oken "employment minister NX"

The latest employment management in correspondence with complicated shift management, scheduling management, vacation management is soft.


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