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Daihatsu Nagasaki sale state
At base of 13 prefectures,
Digital signage ・ of ELECOM
Wireless AP, NAS plays an active part

Introduction report
Daihatsu Nagasaki sale state
Nagasaki where even sightseeing spots where many hot springs and scenic spots, exoticism drift including Nagasaki-shi that it is located in West Kyushu, and is old, and prospered in trade with foreign countries are known to.
Daihatsu Nagasaki sale is car dealer performing sale, maintenance of Daihatsu car in the prefecture.
Daihatsu Nagasaki sale state to have 13 bases now in the prefecture. Car may become everyday means of transportation,
He/she is proud of top-class unit sales in the whole country. With Daihatsu Nagasaki sale state, digital signage made of ELECOM was introduced into 13 bases newly and,
Fixed Wireless Access point (following Wireless AP), NAS were renewed. We visited head office Nagasaki shop in Nagasaki-shi to call about the process and the operational situation.

We utilize digital signage as notice medium of showroom

It is Uematsu of Managing Director representative director that says, "how to sell cars greatly changed for approximately these past ten years".

"Heavy business is mainstream and goes to visit in front of the visitor and had a business talk once, but it is in style to have you arrive to showroom now. To that end, it is important that showroom is attractive. We say, we hold event regularly, and customer takes invention that is not bored with while you have to wait by car inspection and maintenance about sale technique different from the past.

It is digital signage that we were introduced as the part.

"We install monitor in each business talk table and drain introductions of product information and various services. At the time of business talk, forest Saki of Management Department IT promotion section says, sales representative connects notebook PC to this monitor and explains.


Digital signage which was located on the main table. We connect PC at the time of business talk and are used as monitor.

It is actually Kyushu teaching tools providing wide solution commencing with sale of OA apparatus and information appliance around Kyushu that suggested model.

"We can send contents by lump from the head office and can send system of ELECOM for each store. It is Kawaguchi in charge of business that looks back saying we suggested including running cost at point of view that is total.

Two designers working at the head office produce contents and deliver to 13 bases. By entering eyes of customer who visited showroom naturally, it is performed disseminating information about campaign every season or optional service.

Wireless AP which covers wide area from showroom to factory


Wireless AP made of ELECOM set up by showroom receptionist.

With Daihatsu Nagasaki sale state, duties are pushed forward using PC and tablet devices in three places of showroom office service factory. Wireless AP of each base was renewed this time, too.

"We install by two in each base and cover the site basically. As we have a business talk with customer with note PC in showroom and we connect tablet devices to car in service factory and make fault diagnosis, wireless LAN environment becomes indispensable. Saying there is base that can cover with one unit, but even meaning called backup spreads two systems in wireless LAN environment as affect duties when is defective; forest Saki.

"Communication range of Wireless AP is written in catalogue, but user does not know whether you do not have problem when we actually installed. Between we wanted to know even environment where wall was whether it actually reached, but were very thankful for borrowing demonstration machine from ELECOM, and wanting to be able to confirm communication range and strength of electric wave" (forest Saki)

NAS which keeps important duties data

NAS has you introduce by two into each base, too. Maintenance of duties data that confidentiality is sought is main purpose, but security is regarded as important at the same time, too.

"In late years we become very strict about security control. (Management Department IT promotion section Nishisaka) who is saved very much as we can clear there relatively easily by NAS"

Kyushu teaching tools went about the model choice of NAS.

"We suggested ELECOM by one stop with signage and Wireless AP. President Funabashi of Kyushu teaching tools looks back saying we thought that Daihatsu Nagasaki sale is satisfied including support.

To the making of system for disaster

It is Daihatsu Nagasaki sale that introduction of various digital gadgets was pushed forward for the making of attractive store, but it is said that it is necessary for BCP (Business Continuity Plan: business continuity plan) measures to push forward examination in future because disasters such as earthquake or typhoon increase.

"We are thinking that housing (installing servers in facilities of specialized company) does some servers or uses cloud in various ways. However, how you take balance of cost and risk management is problem" (forest Saki)

When "the business end gives life, you take in how, and do you utilize digital marketing while various things are born? (general Planning Akagi) that this neighborhood thinks that we can work on cooperation of ELECOM although being advantageous"

We will pursue customer satisfaction in "the customer first" in future

Daihatsu Nagasaki sale to work on business for posture of "the customer first" while the times change, and style of auto sales turns from visit into pulling in customers. Technique of ELECOM supports duties to support infrastructure of people of Nagasaki where car is indispensable.

Customer profile - Daihatsu Nagasaki sale

Representative director managing director
Management general manager Uematsu
General Planning
Manager Akagi
Management Department IT promotion section
Section manager forest Saki
Management Department IT promotion section
Chief Nishisaka

Daihatsu Nagasaki sale

Customer profile -9 states teaching tools

Q-bic Solutions Nagasaki sales department
Nagasaki Branch's manager Kawaguchi

Kyushu teaching tools

Digital signage made in Silex company

Set top box

Other signage materials

HDMI distributor, HDMI cable, HDMI broadcast adapter, earthquake-resistant goods, OA tap


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