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In BRIDGESTONE Kurume factory,
"Bulletin board NEXT" of the production staff
We play an active part as information sharing tool!

Introduction report
Kurume factory
BRIDGESTONE Kurume factory which had you introduce digital signage service "bulletin board NEXT" of ELECOM.
In very large site called 430,000m² along the Chikugo River, it is large-scale tire factory where about 1,100 employees work.
About process and purpose, the actual situation of operation that led to introduction this time, we called at Toshiro with Otake of factory plan management section that IT-related duties in factory were in charge of generally.

Kurume factory where BRIDGESTONE is "the ground of founding"

BRIDGESTONE Kurume factory is "ground of founding" that Shojiro Ishibashi who is the founder produced the first tires in 1931 (Showa 6). Very large site spreads out along the Chikugo River and produces tires of various types including industrial vehicle use for racing for plane for car.


"One of the world's largest tires" installed in Kurume factory momyumento.

BRIDGESTONE Kurume factory

The 1931 (Showa 6) operation start. It is production base supporting BRIDGESTONE group which founder Shojiro Ishibashi from Kurume established as the nation's first tire factory.

Ishibashi who thought about harmony with local development carefully carries out donation of pool to elementary and junior high school in "stone bridge Cultural Center" and the city including Kurume-shi art museum. We are working on factory administration that melted into community including participation in forest preservation activity and cleaning activity and the open factory tour to local inhabitants now.

It is rest room of production office in factory that bulletin board NEXT was established this time.

As "member of skill of factory did not have PC for work, message posted printed matter until now and was doing. However, Otake looks back on purpose of introduction to push forward becoming paperless, and to promote efficiency of communication more saying we planned introduction of digital signage.

"We wanted to make one which we could operate interactively not feeding the same information repeatedly at time. As the person can access necessary information quickly" (Toshiro)

We estimate the operational nature as cost

Some products seemed to be examined including other brands, but had you finally adopt bulletin board NEXT of ELECOM.

"Price having been reasonable as for one. Furthermore, it is reason of choice that structure which can build screen without development occurring on the user side is provided. In addition, (Otake) who installation seemed to be possible relatively easily, and considered as function was simple even if it might be easy to use on the site"

Bulletin board NEXT does not go by way of cloud server and is digital signage service of "on-premises type" to deliver contents through company internal network of user. Point that can support interactive contents that screen is replaced by by touch like Kurume factory is Features. In addition, operation by low cost is enabled as cloud server is unnecessary without costing monthly basis cost.

Operation that we made use of interactivity in

Commencing with notice such as news of on-the-job instructions and cleaning activity, antismoking campaign, contents about duties every process are published, and contents published in bulletin board NEXT are used for at the time of meeting now.

We make use of interactivity only in bulletin board NEXT which we choose contents that user wants to see and can display and perform operation that information can transmit efficiently.

Screen of bulletin board NEXT used in BRIDGESTONE Kurume factory. When we tell message matter to the plural staff, display with high visibility of 75 inches is effective.

We appreciate support of ELECOM

Since introduction of last October, it is said that some troubles occurred.

We had evaluation from support system of "(Otake) whom we were very thankful for for IT charge as we had you provide precise support "that you called from the technical person in charge immediately and must see in this way" when unidentified point came out" and ELECOM.

It is going to unfold for the other process in future

BRIDGESTONE Kurume factory having you introduce bulletin board NEXT into one process now. We develop the side for other processes and are going to push forward introduction in future.

As "contents to publish for each department change, factory plan management section performs only initial setting and wants to push forward operation that can update contents by each process afterward. (Toshiro) who expects when we can apply after the introduction of several bulletin board NEXT efficiently as we hear when by allotting IP address to each display, can confirm information from management screen"

Efficiency of communication to advance in factory of company on behalf of Japan. In the spot, technique of ELECOM is helpful.

Customer profile - BRIDGESTONE Corporation Kurume factory

Person who had coverage support

BRIDGESTONE Corporation Kurume factory
Factory plan management section Otake
BRIDGESTONE Corporation Kurume factory
Factory plan management section Toshiro


BRIDGESTONE founded in Kurume-shi in 1931 is presenting business now based in office of 26 ke country 180.

Including tire for truck bus for light truck for car, it produces broad range of tires including industry vehicle use for agricultural machine for motorcycle for construction, mine vehicle for plane. In addition, we provide product supporting days when we are safe and are comfortable of customer including seat pad for car, conveyer belt, automotive parts such as seismic isolation rubber and industrial material, construction material.


BRIDGESTONE Corporation homepage

Adoption solution

High-performance signage which begins being bulletin board NEXT running cost zero

  • Monthly basis cost zero

    As server is cloud-free
    It does not take monthly basis cost.

  • Simple operation

    Contents making,
    Schedule delivery is easy, too.

  • Quick start

    We come by the use start without complicated setting.

Bulletin board NEXT is high-performance signage of cloud on-premises type that are server-free. We place various material freely and can make contents.

■Delivery software Features

  • We place various material freely

    We take in still image, video, telop, four kinds of data of WEB as material and can make contents just to be drag & drop, and to locate in favorite place.

  • We make interactive signage easily

    We just set linked contents for material which we placed, and interactive signage contents that screen is easily replaced by by touch are completed.

  • Flexible schedule setting

    We set class schedule finely every 15 minutes and we broadcast different contents every date and, together with day, realize request of customer in set-up function in flexible schedule.

  • In 1 click including emergency
    Update is possible in broadcast contents

    We can change contents in 1 click instantly ※. It is function that is effective at the time of dispatch including emergency.

    ※It is necessary for contents to change to set beforehand.


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