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Of Burger King ®
To digital menu board
We adopt "easy signage" of ELECOM!

Introduction report
Burger King ®
Hamburger chain "Burger King ®" from the United States is presenting domestic about 100 store now.
We had digital menu board of 30 stores adopt digital signage "easy signage" of ELECOM.
We heard from Shimizu and Kobayashi engaged in this introduction with BK Japan Holdings state to run domestic Burger King ® about purpose or modi operandi.

Hamburger chain "Burger King ®" of the second place of the world


100% beef patty of barbecuing by broiler enhances taste of hamburger.

Burger King ® opened as hamburger restaurant of Florida Miami in America in 1954. Current Burger King ® is not only the United States but also higher than of the world in 100 countries, and it is the second biggest hamburger chain in the world presenting 17,800 stores.

About 100 stores unfold in Japan. 100% beef patty of barbecuing and WHOPPER® (boo gone ®) using fresh vegetables become popular.

Digital menu board to report product information to at store

Including hamburger shop, digital menu board which becomes familiar in cafes is medium which has big influence when customer decides order. As it is installed right on cash register, and big screen can solicit contents of menu and set with photograph, even Burger King ® as "tool (Kobayashi) which can send the most important product information in store" of the world is installed.

In BK Japan Holdings, we push forward installation of digital menu board in domestic store from 2018 and install four pieces of displays in almost all stores now. We meet customer every day.


Large digital menu board which jumps into eyes when we stand in front of cash register.

We adopt "easy signage" aiming at unification of window

However, it is said that there was difficulty in communication as vendor of contents, vendor of apparatus, support companies are separate as for the existing digital menu board called "(Shimizu) who introduced while making trial and error" in those days. Therefore after being looking for company which dealt with digital signage in order to unify windows, we knew "easy signage" of ELECOM and were able to decide introduction.

Shimizu looks back saying "it is several companies or weighed, but place where service has you provide became decisive factor with one package as for the ELECOM".

We appoint contents by one piece of display of each store and display


We deliver information of in total recommended product in time.

Then how is digital menu board managed in BK Japan Holdings?

"At first, for a certain store, we provide instructions to let what number display display this image in this time on the ELECOM side. Then ELECOM sets, and this confirms. It is flow that we deliver if we do not have any problem" (Kobayashi)

For example, in the case of store providing morning discount until 10:30, it is necessary for guidance image of service to change to thing which is different at after 10:30. As for one piece of display, we perform such a close setting for 30 stores.


Bookkeeping of image is improved in addition to unification of window, too

BK Japan Holdings where easy signage was introduced into about one year ago. We called about the effect.

"Communication became easy as expected. (Shimizu) who there is not big difference that much on cost side, but expects that we can improve to some extent as introduction stores will increase in future"

With "easy signage, point that can confirm all with management screen for 30 stores is saved very much. We asked vendor for setting before, but were flow that we took notification from Manager store if we had problem and confirmed. (Kobayashi) that there is security more as we can confirm all in PC of the headquarters by new system"

It is going to unfold in other stores in future

It is easy signage of ELECOM introduced into 30 stores, but introduction is going to be pushed forward now in other stores in future.

"We are thinking digital menu board to be the most important product information in shop and affect sales directly when not displayed. In that respect, we are thankful for support of ELECOM supporting trouble quickly. It is going to increase introduction stores while pushing forward inspection reaching customer in form that product information aimed at in future" (Kobayashi)

Burger King ® which many fans who have feelings toward taste so that we are represented by "boo gone ®️" of drawing card product support. Technique of ELECOM contributes to digital menu board conveying important information at the store.

Customer profile - BK Japan Holdings

Person who had coverage support

BK Japan Holdings
IT PM Manager Shimizu
BK Japan Holdings
Digital Marketing Manager Kobayashi

Burger King ®

Hamburger chain of the second place to be founded in 1954, and to present 17,800 stores of the world. We develop about 100 stores in the country. 100% beef patty of barbecuing and WHOPPER® (boo gone ®) using fresh vegetables become popular.

Burger King ® homepage

Adoption solution

Features of three easy signage

All the operation entrusts you, and they OK!

Work of customer only as for the instructions of sending and delivery schedule of contents!

Contents registration, schedule delivery, life and death monitoring of signage apparatus,
The secretariat will correspond to all the troublesome operational works including inquiry correspondence from each base.
We largely reduce trouble of management to enter increasing if introduction base number, signage number increase.

To three one base
Cloud rate is the same!

It is good to customer that the use is examined at multi-store, multi-base!
Signage operation is possible!

By general service for each one
It takes rate of cloud delivery system,
Easy signage is the same amount of money to three.
We cost-cut and can manage signage.

High-performance, plain management screen!

We deliver in you and can manage.

Put necessary menu together
We offer plan that is good to customer

  • menu A cloud delivery system + back office service
  • menu B delivery terminal (tablet display)
  • menu C apparatus maintenance service
  • menu D field work + setting + initial setting
  • menu E electricity construction
  • menu F Internet environment arrangement
  • menu G contents making


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