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In physical distribution base of home electric appliances,
ZEROSHOCK tablet plays an active part

Introduction report
Hitachi Transport System Ltd. Kanto
Hitachi Transport System Kanto who takes physical distribution of white goods of Hitachi brand and various products,
We introduce tablet devices for management of material distribution of products from 2017.
Terminal made in other companies had been used conventionally in the company, but had you order 20 ZEROSHOCK tablet made by Logitec last year.
We visited rock Saki and Kuno who were on-site leader-like viewpoint and called about the actual situation of process and operation that led to adoption.

Physical distribution base of home electric appliances made in Hitachi covering Kanto and Koshinetsu, Tohoku

Hitachi global life Solutions providing sale and product solution utilizing digital technology to household appliances product, air conditioner, facilities apparatus in group companies of Hitachi. It is Hitachi Transport System Kanto that we are based in site of the Tochigi factory, and take physical distribution of various Hitachi brand-name products including product of factory.

In "our Tochigi Office, there is double duty which we call primary distribution and the second physical distribution. By primary distribution, we handle refrigerator, air-conditioner, hot water supply machine to prepare in factory. In addition, we deal with all the home electric appliances of Hitachi in the second physical distribution (rock Saki)

A large quantity of products are received every day in both sections, and it is kept by warehouse, and it is shipped to charge area of the company such as Kanto and Koshinetsu, Tohoku depending on order. And the situation of each product is managed in WMS (warehouse control system) made in the company. We are reflected immediately on the site by WMS by reading bar code attached to product with scanner which we connected to tablet every arrival, shipment.

In "our group, there is company which deals mainly with physical distribution system development and always contributes the most suitable physical distribution system to customer. It is one of such systems that uses in this warehouse (Kuno)

We introduce tablet devices into the spot to plan becoming paperless


Kuno (the left) and rock Saki (the right) who heard story this time.

We distribute to each trace person in charge which output cutform of paper before tablet devices is introduced in 2017, and it is said that it was procedure checking by hand.

When "it was paper base, there was loss of time until printing was over. We go to our office and can start work immediately now. If even loss of around ten minutes becomes 100 units, rock Saki says, there was big merit in work efficiency about effect of tablet introduction because it is big.

All one work staff holds one, and it is indispensable device now in the spot of the company.

"It is attached to forklift, and as it is worked, we hit somewhere, and there is risk dropping basically that we have and walk and read bar code. Therefore we introduced tablet of type with high durability (rock Saki)

Tablet devices introduced at first in the company is made in other companies as spoke earlier. However, in the case of additional ordering, we had you choose ZEROSHOCK tablet made by Logitec this time. We visited about the reason.

"Nearly 20 were necessary newly, but product made in other companies was order industrial products, and deadline did not match our hope. Therefore it was terminal of Logitec that system section chose. We made a try for about one month and decided to adopt that there was no problem (Kuno)

It has been used at the time of coverage for about one year, but, after ZEROSHOCK tablet introduction, it is said that it is managed without problem.

By "saying that it was Specifications which was shorter than product made in other companies for duration of battery, purchased spare battery in total. Still it was pricewise less expensive of Logitec"

Various merits that we understood by introduction of tablet


We can show driver video commenting on loading rule of Hitachi Transport System anytime.

It is tablet devices used for the arrival, shipment, inventory, progress management, but it is said that there was merit as well as becoming paperless now.

There was opening with screen of WMS in PC of office until now to grasp flow of overall thing. However, optimization of duties of the whole warehouse became able to just plan in form to "go for support here" as anyone could confirm progress in tablet (rock Saki)

Through "data, it became easy to take statistics. It was revealed that shipment that was why would decrease only by sense in this time until now, but it became easy to be seen "to have possibilities to remain as data appeared because we carried out this activity" (Kuno)

In addition, video which commented on rule of loading of the company is saved in all terminals, and it is used in Uses to promote reconfirmation by truck driver.

We make use of function of tablet and are examining more effective operation

It is said that the direction for uses is explored whether the staff cannot conjugate more effectively in the company holding one tablet devices.

If "we acquire positional information, and change management is possible using terminal with GPS, it may be connected with efficiency of work in warehouse. Or structure which we measure whether you have a fever with camera, and health care concludes in one of this may be thought about (rock Saki)

The distribution industry where introduction of IT advances, and approach to efficiency leads to. In the spot of the front line, ZEROSHOCK tablet of Logitec takes important role.

- Hitachi Transport System Ltd. Kanto that had coverage support

North Kanto sales department Tochigi Office
Person in charge of yard management chief
Rock Saki
North Kanto sales department Tochigi Office
Household appliances second storer chief
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Hitachi Transport System Ltd. Kanto has 36 bases (Kanto and Koshinetsu, South Tohoku region) toward Tokyo and 7 prefectures as company of Hitachi Transport System group and develops 3PL service, warehouse administration, transportation business, distribution business in factory, platform business, eco-business.

Hitachi Transport System Ltd. Kanto


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