Inquiry to a branch office

Inquiry window for exclusive use of corporation

Time in: 9:00-18:00
From Monday to Friday (except holiday specific for holiday, the summer, New Year holidays)

Inquiry of product is this

About technical inquiry about product, please refer to the following "support window". (in description of ※ bottom button click, guidance of reference (ELECOM corporation support) of support, repair opens.)

Support window

Our company adopts navigator dial in service support inquiry window.

With "national general number" to be available for call charge (burden of sender) of 10 yen from national landline for one minute,
It is one of the services that NTT communications provides.
Not paid services such as dial Q2, it is not system that we profit from navigator dial call charge.

※It is available for call charge of 10 yen from cell-phone for 20 seconds.
※It is not available from PHS, some IP telephone.
※As you take call charge while you have to wait, please call back after standing for a while in rush hours.