Setting casebook

Setting casebook | Access point for corporations Setting of base item

We introduce setting example of access point for corporation.

Configuration diagram, condition

Control settings

Fixed Wireless Access point and PC for setting being able to communicate
※Fixed Wireless Access point explains WAB-I1750-PS for example.
We can use Web browser in PC for setting

Target product

Firmware version: Ver.1.4.17
Firmware version: Ver.1.4.17
WAB-S600-PS(11ac-adaptive firmware application)
Firmware version: Ver.1.0.3
Firmware version: Ver.1.0.3

Flow of setting


  • Preinclination
  • <IP address setting (client PC side)>
     ・Login to management console (WebUI)
  • We set IP address for management segments in client PC.
    When the other Network has Fixed Wireless Access point and management tool, it is necessary to set IP address of Fixed Wireless Access point by manual operation.

We connect 1 This product and PC for setting.
  • We connect PC to use for setting of This product to PSE (OUT) Ether port of This product with LAN cable.
  • We connect PoE feeding apparatus to PD (IN) Ether port of This product with LAN cable. Power supply is supplied to This product.

We set Network of PC for 2 setting.
  • We set Network of PC for setting of This product as follows.
    • ・Please do not connect This product to other Network to be connected in fixed IP address.
      ・When we do not acquire IP address from DHCP server, as for the This product, IP address is set in "".
      ・Wireless function and factory setting levels of This product of IP address are as follows.

We confirm whether 3 This product and PC for setting were connected definitely.

We confirm that PWR/PD of This product, LINK PSE (OUT), LINK PD (IN), each LED of PWR have lighting (or they flash on and off) in green.


※When you manage in access point management tool WAB-MAT for corporations, please perform the following setting by all means.

Management screen > "Tool box" > Manager

  • <basic setting>
    We confirm name and SNMP setting of apparatus.
    When manage in WAB-MAT, of setting item it is necessary for [SNMP acquisition community] [SNMP setting community] to become default value (existing set price) [management protocol] [SNMP version].
  • We set Product Name (device name). (initial value: MAC address of "WAB" + wired LAN)
    ・We set in half size alphanumeric character and "-" in the range of 1-32 characters.
    ・We cannot set "-" at the top of Product Name or the end.
    ・We cannot set blanks.
  • When we use management tool, we confirm that this part is default value.
    ・Management protocol: We put SNMP nio.
    ・SNMP version: v1/v2c
    ・SNMP acquisition community: public
    ・SNMP setting community: Private

With the above setting is completion.