Software license agreement

The contract sets condition of customer (we assume "customer" as follows) about the use right consent of software (we assume "licensed software" as follows) which we donate to customer between ELECOM CO., LTD. (we assume "us" as follows) as follows. Customer, please perform downloading of licensed software and installation by responsibility of customer. About the damage to occur to customer by downloading of licensed software and installation, we do not take responsibility at all under any circumstance.

Article 1 (basic rule)

Licensed software is protected by copyright inside and outside Japan and laws and ordinances about other intellectual property rights and treaties. Licensed software is had licensing of for customer according to condition of the contract by us, and intellectual property rights such as copyrights of licensed software belong to us and will not move to customer.

Article 2 (the right to use)

Article 3 (limit of right)

Article 4 (right of licensed software)

All rights shall belong to original rightful claimant (we assume original rightful claimant as follows) who detected right to perform licensing for customer based on us or the contract in us, and customer shall not have right except the right to use consented to based on the contract about consent software in copyrights about licensed software.

Article 5 (range of responsibility)

Article 6 (copyright protection and automatic updating)

Article 7 (the cancellation of a contract of contract)

Article 8 (others)

The above