ELECOM camera assistant

Update day: 2016.08.10
Version 1.00
File name ElcCamAssistSetup.exe
File size 69.5MB
Supported devices/OS PC/AT compatibles which was preinstalled of Windows10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7 and Windows Vista
Target Model Number ACAM-H01TBK


It is editing software "ELECOM camera assistant" (Windows version) for exclusive use of our action camera mentioned above.
The following functions are available by installing this software.

・Simple editing of video
・Addition of music/photograph in video
・Contribution to YouTube

Change history

2016/04/27 Ver.1.0.0
・It is the first upload.

Installation method

  • Please double-click file which you downloaded. Following installation procedure, please obey instructions of screen.

Instructions, restrictions

Input of password of administrative account may be required when we carry out when we log on other than the administrative account. In that case, please confirm to manager of PC.

When you use our application, license key is necessary.
Please confirm bundled license key.
Please be careful about "0 (zero)" and "O (O)", "1 (ichi)" and "I (eye)"'s mistake.


Please read "software license agreement" by all means before downloading file.
Downloaded person should be thing agreed to in this licensed book.