Driver for WDC-433DU2HBK Windows

Update day: 2018.08.02
Version ver.1030.25.0701.2017
File name
File size About 156MB
Supported devices/OS WinXP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
※This product does not support software AP mode (main phone).
Target Model Number WDC-433DU2HBK


It is driver for Windows of Wireless cordless handset "WDC-433DU2HBK".

Change history

2018/08/02 Ver.1030.25.0701.2017
  • 1)WPA2 weakness (KRACKs) measures
2016/05/26 Ver.2.0
  • 1) We revised failure that became unstable when we used for a long term in some environment.
2014/03/13 Ver.1026.5.1118.2013
  • 1) The first release.

Installation method

  • ※Please do not insert This product in Universal Serial Bus port of PC until installation of driver is completed.
  • 1: Please download this driver to the desktop top of PC.
  • 2: Please defrost "" which you downloaded.
  • 3. You carry out "Setup.exe" in "WDC-433DU2HBK_Win_1030.25.0701.2017" which you defrosted folder, and please install according to instructions of screen.
  • Please refer to User manual for detailed setting method. Downloading is this


Please read "software license agreement" by all means before downloading file.
Downloaded person should be thing agreed to in this licensed book.