The one for WRC-1750GHBK2-I/WRC-1750GHBK2-C

Update day: 2018.07.02
Version Ver.1.27
File name
File size About 7.8MB
Target Model Number WRC-1750GHBK2-I

When firmware version is the "Ver. 1.05" past,
Please update in "Ver. 1.27" after updating in "Ver. 1.08" earlier.

Please update firmware in the following procedure.

  • 1.You download firmware of "Ver.1.08", and please update.
  • 2.Please update to firmware of "Ver.1.27" after the update to "Ver.1.08".
  • ※"Ver.1.27" cannot update from version before "Ver. 1.05" directly.
    Following eramesseji is displayed when we update.
    "Format of file is not right."

※Confirmation method of version
You have you log in to management screen, and please refer to "firmware version" of "status".


It is firmware for wireless LAN router WRC-1750GHBK2-I/WRC-1750GHBK2-C.

Change history

2018/07/02 Ver. 1.27
  • 1) WPA2 weakness (KRACKs) measures
  • 2) Connectibility improvement in some cable TV line
  • 3) In addition, it functions and is improved
  • ※We can update firmware of Ver.1.27 from Ver.1.08 - 1.20.
    In the case of firmware before Ver.1.05, I would like update to Ver.1.27 after updating in firmware of Ver.1.08 once.
2017/01/31 Ver. 1.20
  • 1) It improves and improves stability of function
  • ※We can update firmware of Ver.1.20 from Ver.1.08 - 1.13.
    In the case of firmware before Ver.1.05 in firmware of 1 degree Ver.1.08
    I would like update to Ver.1.20 after updating.
2016/07/07 Ver. 1.13
  • 1) We revise malfunction in some environment such as CATV, apartment ISP
  • ※We can update firmware of Ver.1.13 from Ver.1.08 - 1.12.
    In the case of firmware before Ver.1.05 in firmware of 1 degree Ver.1.08
    I would like update to Ver.1.13 after updating.
2016/01/28 Ver. 1.12
  • 1) We set This product to PPPoE mode, and communication disorder when we were connected is revised by CTU
    CTU: Subscriber network termination device which is used in "FLET'S, light premium" of NTT West Japan service
  •   ※To customer connecting This product in PPPoE using the device mentioned above
     Initialization (we get back to state at the time of factory shipment) of This product is performed after the update to the latest firmware
     Please set PPPoE in This product again.
  • 2) We make modifications not to transmit unnecessary DHCP packet in repeater, cordless handset mode
2015/12/25 Ver. 1.11
  • 1) Improvement in operability, improvement in management screen setting
  • 2) Deficient correction that cannot connect with stealth bomber SSID with repeater, cordless handset mode
  • 3) Deficient correction that subnet is not distributed to to client at the time of LAN side subnet "" setting normally
  • 4) Deficient correction that cannot communicate with apparatus which we connected to wired LAN port partly
  • 5) We make modifications to make SSID stealth bomber in repeater mode
  • 6) Deficient correction that "MAC address copying" of WAN setting is not possible
2015/07/24 Ver. 1.08
  • 1) Jumbo frame correspondence of the LAN side Wired port
  • 2) Improvement in stability with some communication lines including CATV, improvement
2015/04/14 Ver. 1.05
  • 1) PPPoE communication improvement in HW_NAT effective time
  • 2) It improves and improves stability of function
  • 3) Improvement in operability, improvement in management screen setting

Installation method

  • 1: Please download file "" on the desktop of PC.
  • 2: Please defrost "" which you downloaded. Folder called "WRC-1750GHBK2_v1.27" is made. File called "wrc-1750ghbk2_v1.27.bin" is made in folder.
  • 3. Please update with reference to the User manual.
  • "Setting procedure" of each supported product are available from the following.
  • WRC-1750GHBK2-I/WRC-1750GHBK2-C


Please read "software license agreement" by all means before downloading file.
Downloaded person should be thing agreed to in this licensed book.