Firmware for exclusive use of WRC-2533GHBK2-T

Update day: 2019.02.13
Version Ver.1.23
File name
File size About 6.9MB
Target Model Number WRC-2533GHBK2-T/WRC-2533GHBK2TA


It is firmware for exclusive use of super-high-speed wireless LAN gigabit router WRC-2533GHBK2-T equipped with security technology of Trend Micro Corporation.

Change history

2019/02/13 Ver. 1.23
  • 1) We revise false indication of expiration date about security capability of Trend Micro Corporation
2018/02/19 Ver. 1.21
  • 1) WPA2 weakness (KRACKs) measures
  • 2) Connectibility improvement in some cable TV line
  • 3) In addition, it functions and is improved
2017/08/02 Ver. 1.17
  • 1) Deficient improvement about indication language of management screen
  • 2) Compatibility in use of service of offer is improved in cable TV
  • 3) In addition, it functions and is improved
2017/05/29 Ver. 1.15
  • 1) Improvement in stability by IPv6 communication (we shine, and TV supports)
2017/03/10 Ver. 1.14
  • 1) Improvement of function and improvement of stability
  • 2) Improvement of operability in management screen setting
2017/01/23 Ver. 1.13
  • ・ The first edition

Installation method

  • 1. Please download file "" on the desktop of PC.
  • 2. Please defrost "" which you downloaded. Folder called "WRC-2533GHBK2-T_v1.23" is made. File called "wrc-2533ghbk2-t_v1.23.bin" is made in folder.
  • 3. After that please update with reference to the User manual.
  • Setting procedure are available from this.


Please read "software license agreement" by all means before downloading file.
Downloaded person should be thing agreed to in this licensed book.