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USB booster
File name USBBooster_101.exe
Version Ver1.0.1
File size 2.83MB
Update day October 4, 2013
Correspondence device/OS  Windows 8.1/Windows 8/Windows 7/Windows Vista (... SP2)/Windows XP (SP2 - SP3)
Target Model Number

MR-A005BK, MR-A005WH, MR-A005RD, MR-A005SV
MR-A006BK, MR-A006BU, MR-A006RD, MR-A006SV
MR-A007BK, MR-A007SV

A software to improve transfer rate by optimizing transfers of memory reader/writer.

Installation method

Installation of driver is started when we double-click file which we downloaded. Following installation procedure, please obey instructions of screen.

Change history
2013/10/4 Ver1.0.1
  • We added the correspondence OS. (Windows 8.1, Windows 8)
  • We added correspondence model number. (MR-A007BK, MR-A007WH)
2010/9/29 Ver1.00
  • It is the first release.
Instructions, restrictions
(1) It is necessary to install in administrator rights.
(2) We cannot use other than the target product.
We agree to licensed handwriting and download