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ELECOM game pad assistant

Online game that "ELECOM game pad assistant" does not support game pad is software becoming available with game pad of ELECOM. By using game pad assistant, can enjoy online game for Windows for sense same as playing home-use game console by operation that we performed using keyboard and mouse so far. In addition, environmental setting is necessary, but prepares for profile that has been set about popularity game to use casually, and to be able to hold every online game.

For online game and browser game, other software that profile is not prepared, it is available by setting profile in you. (not thing guaranteeing the operation by game and software of ※ all. In addition, you may not use by protection on the game side. Thank you for your understanding.)


≫Corresponding game pad product is this
Firstly we install the software body of game pad assistant. Then, you install environmental profile that has been set every each game, and please perform necessary setting.

≫The Assistant game pad software body
OS: Windows10/8.1/7/Vista
(Windows 7/Vista supports 64bit version)

Please choose game manufacturer or game operator
≫Profile for NEXON
≫Profile for browser game /WEB reading


What is "ELECOM game pad assistant?"

By game for Windows, popularity of online game using the Internet including MMORPG has been increasing. However, it is basic that operates most of games for Windows using keyboard and mouse, and thing which does not cope with game pad is most of. As game pad is not usable like home-use game console, it is reality that game user hesitating about the use of attractive online game exists.

We prepared for "ELECOM game pad assistant" who could enjoy game for Windows with game pad to be able to enjoy online game in ELECOM toward such game users. For sense same as playing home-use game console by operation that we performed using keyboard and mouse, you can enjoy online game for Windows so far.

With button and stick of game pad, we make possible operation of conventional keyboard and mouse when we have you use "ELECOM game pad assistant". Environmental setting is necessary, but prepares for profile that has been set about popularity game to use casually, and to be able to hold every online game. We can make by oneself and can change profile for friend freely.

Here of "ELECOM game pad assistant" is great!
1.With button and stick of game pad, key and mouse operation of keyboard are possible!
  "ELECOM game pad assistant" can enjoy game that does not cope with game pad by emulating operation of keyboard and mouse with game pad.

2.We set in profile easily!
  We set in profile easily! In ELECOM, we will upload profile setting corresponding to game one by one in our Web site. "ELECOM game pad assistant" is available for setting in you, but by reading profile that was already set, can more easily use convenient setting for each game. As profile copes with opening sentence other than reading, we take convenient setting that friend made and can use myself.

3.Very attentive substantial function!
  Simultaneous push of keyboard is configurable to three. We put X, Y, moving quantity of wheel and all the states of three buttons together, and, about setting of mouse, setting is possible. Furthermore, as enhanced function, it is configurable in "profile change over". As we can change plural profiles from the game pad side, the number of functions that we can set substantially becomes infinite.
※For prevention of fraudulent activity in game, we do not cope with macro(consecutive key input).

■Corresponding game pad product
※We may not cope with some games depending on model.
  For more details, please confirm Supported devices in downloading page of profile for each game.

JC-U3613M series JC-U3613MBK, JC-U3613MRD, JC-U3613MSV
JC-P302U series JC-P302UBK
JC-P301U series JC-P301UBK
JC-W02U series JC-W02UWH
JC-W01U series JC-W01UWH
JC-U912F series JC-U912FBK, JC-U912FSV
JC-U1012F series JC-U1012FBK, JC-U1012FBS, JC-U1012FSV
JC-U2312F series JC-U2312FBU, JC-U2312FGD, JC-U2312FSV
JC-U2812F series JC-U2812FBK, JC-U2812FBU, JC-U2812FWH
JC-U2912F series JC-U2912FBK, JC-U2912FBU, JC-U2912FGN, JC-U2912FRD, JC-U2912FSVD, JC-U2912FWH
JC-U3016F series JC-U3016FBK, JC-U3016FBU, JC-U3016FSVD
JC-U3112F series JC-U3112FBK, JC-U3112FBU, JC-U3112FSVD
JC-U3212F series JC-U3212FBK, JC-U3212FBU, JC-U3212FSVD
JC-U3312S series JC-U3312SBK, JC-U3312SBU, JC-U3312SSVD
JC-U3412S series JC-U3412SBK, JC-U3412SBU, JC-U3412SSVD
JC-U3712T series JC-U3712FBK, JC-U3712FBU, JC-U3712FRD
JC-U3712F series JC-U3712TBK, JC-U3712TRD
JC-U3712F series JC-U3712FBK, JC-U3712FBU, JC-U3712FRD
JC-FU2912F series JC-FU2912FBK
JC-U3912T series JC-U3912TBK
JC-U4013S series JC-U4013SBK, JC-U4013SWH
JC-U4113S series JC-U4113SBK, JC-U4113SWH

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