Mouse operation in niceness! ELECOM mouse assistant

ELECOM mouse assistant

"ELECOM mouse assistant" is software to use mouse more effectively.
There are many things equipped with special button and function in mouse, but a lot of things limiting the use case including "horizontal scrolling" of button and Excel "advancing" to "to come back" for browser cannot use other than those purposes.

As user sets function to like, for special button and function, can operate oneself preference when we employ ELECOM mouse assistant.

※"ELECOM mouse customizers" were unified by "ELECOM mouse assistant". Product corresponding to "ELECOM mouse customizer" can use "ELECOM mouse assistant".

ELECOM mouse assistant function introduction

Button, function allocation to tilt

Button, function allocation to tiltWe can assign function to not only button but also tilt. When we use almost none of the horizontal scrollings by tilt, we can assign another function. As pair can assign any possible key to three, we can assign different shortcut key by application freely.

Profile automatic switching

Profile automatic switchingWe can save allocation function that we set for each profile and can assign to program using each profile. Profile to use is replaced by Excel depending on program to operate including profile for Excel profile for word in word automatically.

Premature start scroll

Premature start scrollIn the case of data long in lengthwise direction including Excel and PDF document, we have a hard time turning wheel many times. As he/she automatically performs scrolling when we use premature start scrolling, it is very convenient.

Gesture function

Gesture functionWe can assign function for movement of mouse. We compose gesture of combination of vertical and horizontal movement of mouse. Combination to four phases is possible and can use about 160 ways of total gestures consecutively. Besides, the number of the combinations further doubles as we can register separate gestures for each profile.

Presentation mode function

Presentation mode functionWe change usual mouse mode and presentation mode which can operate slide forwarding, return and can use when we validate presentation mode. We can customize detailed operation of button with presentation mode, invalidity of scroll movement.

We add allocation to shortcut key added in Windows8

  • We display charm, and overlay displays/notice on/date at time
  • We display joint ownership charm
  • We display setting charm
  • We display device charm
  • We display the second display charm
  • We search application in search charm
  • We change to Windows desktop and start brief operation center of computer
  • We search setting in search charm
  • We display application bar (we click the right button, and only Metro UI is equivalent)
  • We change to Windows desktop and start narrator
  • We display switcher


※"ELECOM mouse customizers" were unified by "ELECOM mouse assistant".
Product corresponding to "ELECOM mouse customizer" can use "ELECOM mouse assistant".

Operating environment

  • Mouse assistant is available only in correspondence mouse made in us.
  • The correspondence OS of mouse assistant follows the correspondence OS of Mouse:.
  • The correspondence OS of mouse, please identify homepage of each product or product package.
  • ※ It does not support Windows RT.
  • ※ Intel Mac becomes for exclusive use. We do not correspond to PowerPC deployment model.
  • ※ Mouse assistant (Macintosh version) finished support of OS X before 10.8.
  • ※ Use, please use Assistant mouse of this earlier version by the OS of OS X before 10.8.
  • ※ Use, please employ mouse assistant of this earlier version by Windows XP.