IPv6 (IPoE) connection service-response table that has been checked the operation of

IPv6 (IPoE) connection service that has been checked the operation of

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Provider name IPv6 (IPoE) connection service name VNE communication service name
Eye cube marketing (andline) andline docomo light plan v6 Plus
IC-NET (ic-net) v6 Plus v6 Plus
Internet Initiative Japan Inc. (IIJ) IIJmio glitters, and IPoE is optional transix IPv4 connection (DS-Lite)
IIJ IPv6 FiberAccess/F service type IPoE transix IPv4 connection (DS-Lite)
Interchange link (INTERLINK) ZOOT NATIVE transix IPv4 connection (DS-Lite)
ZOOT NATIVE IPv4 fixation IP1 unit ※ transix IPv4 connection (fixed IP)
Excite Japan Co., Ltd. (BB.excite) excite MEC light transix IPv4 connection (DS-Lite)
excite MEC light connection plan TYPE-D transix IPv4 connection (DS-Lite)
NTT Plala Inc. (purara) purara v6 express OCN virtual connect
transix IPv4 connection (DS-Lite)
Person from edge (en glitters) en Hikari "v6 Plus" v6 Plus
GMO Internet Inc. (advantageous BB to dissolve GMO in) docomo light v6 Plus
v6 Plus v6 Plus
SIS for docomo light v6 Plus
SPEEDIA light - next v6 Plus
DREAM TRAIN INTERNET (DTI) IPv6 (IPoE) connection service OCN virtual connect
v6 Plus
Nifty (@nifty) v6 Plus v6 Plus
NEXT (@ Smart light) v6 Plus (IPv6 IPOE connection service) v6 Plus
haiho (hi-ho) IPv6_IPoE connection service OCN virtual connect
Big robe IPv6 option IPv6 option
Rakuten Mobile (DMM light) v6 Plus v6 Plus
Rakuten Mobile (Rakuten glitters) IPv4 over IPv6 (DS-lite) Cross pass

(as for the company name the order of the kana syllabary)

※The correspondence situation refers to the following (as of 2020/05/27)

  • Finished correspondence at at May, 2020
    • "WRC-1167GS2" series: "WRC-1167GS2-B" "WRC-1167GS2H-B"
    • "WRC-1167GST2" series: "WRC-1167GST2" "WRC-1167GST2H"
    • "WRC-2533GST2" series: "WRC-2533GST2" "WRC-2533GST2SP" "EDWRC-2533GST2"
    • "WRC-2533GS2" series: "WRC-2533GS2-B" "WRC-2533GS2-W"
    • "WMC-2HC" series: "WMC-2HC-W" "WMC-C2533GST-W"
    • "WMC-DLGST2" series: "WMC-DLGST2-W" "WMC-M1267GST2-W"
  • We are going to cope at any time before 2020
    • "WRC-X3000GS"
    • "WRC-1900GST2" series: "WRC-1900GST2" "WRC-1900GST2SP"
    • "WRC-1750GST2"

VNE communication service name

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  • ※ "VNE" is IPoE connection company offering IPv6 connect function for end user to ISP in IPoE method.
  • ※ Service name may be changed.
  • ※ "transix" is registered trademark of the Internet multi-feeding company.
  • ※ It is names such as services that NTT communications offers to Internet-access service providers as IPoE connection company (VNE), and "OCN virtual connect" is trademark of the company.
  • ※ "v6 Plus" is registered trademark (or trademark) of Japanese nettowakuineibura.
  • ※ "Cross path" is trademark of artel a Network.

Wi-Fi router which has been checked the operation of

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Article number The correspondence situation
transix IPv4 connection OCN
Virtual connect
v6 Plus "v6 Plus" fixed IP service
IPv6 option Cross pass
DS-Lite Fixed IP NEW
WRC-X3000GS -
(going to cope)
- -
WMC-2HC-W - -
(after Ver.1.11)
- -
(after Ver.1.21)

(after Ver.1.14)
- -

(after Ver.1.20)
- -
WRC-1900GST2 -
(going to cope)

(after Ver.1.14)
- -
WRC-1750GST2 -
(going to cope)

(after Ver.1.14)
- -
(after Ver.1.21)

(after Ver.1.13)
(after Ver.1.02)
(after Ver.1.20)

(after Ver.1.30)

(after Ver.1.30)
WMC-C2533GST-W - -
(after Ver.1.11)
- -
WRC-1750GSV X X - X -