Linux NAS IP camera correspondence list

Update day: 2015/06/02

It is IP camera-adaptive table of our Linux NAS product.

Linux Network Attached Storage  
NSR-MS2BLB series/NSR-6S4BLB series

IP camera made in MOBOTIX

Article number Model
Hemispheric i25 MX-i25-D12-PW, MX-i25-N12-PW
Hemispheric c25 c25-D12-PW, c25-N12-PW, c25-D23-PW-F1.8, c25-N23-PW-F1.8
Allround Hemispheric Q25 Sec, Sec-Night
FlexMount Camera S15 S15M-Sec, S15M-Sec-Night, S15D-Sec
AllroundDual M15 Sec
Allround Dual M15D-Thermal MX-M15D-Thermal-L43/L65/L135
Allround M25 Sec, Sec-Night, Sec-CSVario, Sec-D/N12
DualDome D15 Sec, Sec-FIX, Sec-Pano
MonoDome D25 Sec, Sec-Night
IP Video Door Station T25 Sec, Sec-Night

※Recommended connection number of camera: Ten (in the case of MEGA Dimensions 4fps)
 Connection number changes by set point.