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To have you use air duster safely

All the customers

Thank you very much for always favoring our product.
We will tell customer of habitual use about our air duster product.

We use flammable gas to reduce influence on global warming in our air duster "AD-152MIX series" "AD-S152MIXM" and some air dusters which we sold in the past. Therefore we ask for your kind cooperation as we catch fire when we bring gas close to fire (including spark caused by static electricity) and might explode to adhere rigidly to the following instructions, and to be able to use.

August 08, 2005



■Target product


[November 11, 2005 addition]
AD-152MN, AD-152LN, AD-152MWN, AD-152LWN, AD-S152MN
(it is product which the risk of ignition decreased in comparison with Other conventional products, but please be careful as you use flammable gas.)


●Please never use for airtight expensive apparatus that gas is easy to stay.
We use flammable gas, but there is nature that is easy to stay more heavily than air. Please never use in particular as airtight expensive apparatuses such as "shredder" or "ATM" are dangerous.                     

●When you use for electric appliance, please use in state that switched off by all means.
After use, you make ventilation better without switching on immediately, and please switch on after completely releasing gas which puts for several minutes, and collects inside. When gas switches on in state that collected, we catch fire by spark (spark) of power supply and might explode.

●Please be careful about static electricity. [November 11, 2005 addition]
We may catch fire from jet, gas which stayed by static electricity. Please avoid use in environment that static electricity including the top of carpet is easy to produce. As static electricity becomes easy to be generated in the winter season, please be careful in particular.

●You incline, and please do not use. [November 11, 2005 addition]
When you incline and use, liquefaction gas is jetted. This liquefaction gas has high combustibleness and might catch fire easily. When you jet liquefaction gas by mistake, you have you be careful about fire and static electricity and dry enough, and please completely radiate gas which makes ventilation better, and vaporized. ("AD-S152MIXM" "AD-S152MN" is reliable type that liquefaction gas does not spout out.)  

●Please do not use near apparatus, fire to become high temperature.
(e.g.,: heater, cooker, water heater, bath furnace, cigarette)

●Please do not heat up with warm air, boiling water.
You get cold when you jet gas in succession and become hard to appear, but please never heat can. Can explodes and might explode.

■About storage, the disposal is careful

●Please do not put in place becoming high temperature.
Please keep in 40 degrees Celsius or less by all means. It might explode when it becomes high temperature.
(e.g.,: side of heater, the room, the inside of car where direct rays of the sun hits)

●Please discard after using up.
You push button until jet sound completely disappears the outdoors without fire, and please discard product which you have finished using according to classification of each local government after completely pulling gas. When gas makes a hole in remaining state, it might explode.

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