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Shredder "SCR-001" "SCR-002" to customer of errand

All the customers

Thank you very much for always favoring our product.

Well, finger cutting accident of small child with shredder occurs so that it is reported with TV from the other day. Accident with our shredder product is not reported, but would appreciate your being careful at the following point until now to have you use safely.

[target shredder product : SCR-001, SCR-002]

1.Please install out of reach of small children.
2: After use, you match slide switch with OFF by all means, and please pull outlet.

※Our product becomes Specifications in consideration for security, but we were based on adult, and there is the risk to give the serious damage about small child.

In addition, we change the company safety standards to thing which considered small child to be able to use our shredder product more safely. We are going to sell measures product which cleared the new company safety standards by the beginning of December.

In addition, we change current product after the preparations completion of measures product to customer that exchange to making the most of measures product is hoped for free of charge. We will inform about exchange time or procedure method to measures product again later on our homepages. Question about this matter hopes that you can contact the following inquiry window.

We would appreciate your patronage with our product continuously.

September 5, 2006



■Target product

SCR-001   SCR-002


The above