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Portable power charger "DE-M01L-10440 series" "DE-M01L-13040 series"

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We guide on February 23, 2015, but we have you confirm customer who is used, and our portable power charger "DE-M01L-10440 series" would like "DE-M01L-13040 series" some other time to make sure of security of customer to have you file than the following reception desk form.

We sincerely apologize for causing customer trouble very much. We hope that we have understanding and cooperation.

January 4, 2016



Target product

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Portable power charger

※In addition, it follows and can use as there is not problem about MSP-GDT1 series (MSP-GDT1-BK, MSP-GDT1-BR, MSP-GDT1-NV, MSP-GDT1-PK) of our portable power charger except target product and makusufiakuronnuburando.

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Article number


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We refund customer of errand target product. We hope that we have you file than reception desk form.

We cause customer trouble very much, but hope that we have understanding and cooperation.


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From Monday to Friday (except holiday, the summer, the year-end and New Year specific holiday)

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