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Wireless LAN router
"WRC-1267GXBK" "WRC-1900GXBK" "WRC-2533GXBK"
About release cancellation

All the customers

We have particular kind consideration and are always very grateful.

About wireless LAN router "WRC-1267GXBK" which it announced in last October "WRC-1900GXBK" "WRC-2533GXBK," it pushed forward development zealously, but it became clear that prospect that could provide product which met performance, quality that customer was satisfied with did not stand.

Therefore, we decided to have to cancel release of This product in order to give priority to that we sent better product to customer.

We sincerely apologize for causing customer trouble very much heartily. We hope that we have understanding and cooperation.

May 31, 2016



Release cancellation reason

Because prospect that can provide performance, quality to meet our standard is not in sight

Target product

Wireless LAN router
  • "WRC-1267GXBK"
  • "WRC-1900GXBK"
  • "WRC-2533GXBK"

Reference about this matter

ELECOM call center

Phone number 0120-941-149
Time in: From Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 18:00
(except celebration, festival day, the summer, the year-end and New Year specific holiday)

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