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All celestial spheres, half of the sky ball 360 degrees cameras
"ACAM-VRD01 series," it is asked a favor with apology about "ACAM-VRS01 series"

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We have particular kind consideration and are always very grateful.

We got up in "ACAM-VRS01 series", and, 360-degree camera "ACAM-VRD01 series," phenomenon that operating temperature of product rose by long-time use more than assumptions became clear.

Therefore, we refund customer of errand the following target product. We really cause customer of busy trouble, but hope that we hear from to the following window.

We sincerely apologize for causing customer trouble very much. We hope that we have understanding and cooperation.

February 1, 2017



Target product

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All celestial sphere 360 degrees cameras, half celestial sphere 360 degrees camera

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We get up in "ACAM-VRS01 series", and, 360-degree camera "ACAM-VRD01 series," operating temperature of product rises by long-time use more than assumptions.


We refund customer of errand target product.
 To the following window, we hope that we hear from.

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