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Apology and request about the Wi-Fi transmission output for wireless LAN router

All the customers

We would like to express our sincere thanks for your continued support.

In the wireless LAN router which it released after October, 2017, in the case of use, thing more than the rated values became clear the Wi-Fi transmission output in firmware before May 17, 2018.

We have you confirm in the following procedure whether customer having target product is updated in the latest firmware and would appreciate your update. As for this matter, there is not problem with safety, but target customer, please carry out firmware update by all means as there is need to correct the transmission output of Wi-Fi to the rated value.

To customer, we apologize for inconvenience, causing trouble.

July 30, 2018



Target product

・11ac 1,733+800Mbps wireless LAN gigabit router "WRC-2533GST"
・11ac 1,733+800Mbps wireless LAN gigabit router "WRC-2533GSTA"
・11ac 1,300+600Mbps wireless LAN gigabit router "WRC-1900GST"
・11ac 1,300+450Mbps wireless LAN gigabit router "WRC-1750GS"

Confirmation method of target product

You take off the stands, and please confirm column of "model number" listed in sticker of product base.

Version confirmation method

① Open browser of terminal (including PC and smartphone) connecting to Wi-Fi at current opportunity, "http please access//".

② As the certification screen is displayed, we input login ID and password as follows and choose [OK].

Login ID
Password that customer was set by "simple setup 3"

③ After choosing "other setting" among HOME screen, please click "status".

※Vanity of screen varies according to terminals of errand, but contents are the same.

④ In the case of "less than v1.02", "firmware version" of "system construction" refers to the following [firmware update method], and please carry out update of firmware.
(if there is after v1.02, it comes to have been taken measures.)

Firmware update method

① We click "firmware update" of "other setting".

② As online version up (manual operation) is chosen automatically when we click "confirmation of update file" button, please click "update practice" button.

③ When confirm dialog box is displayed and chooses "OK", update of firmware is started. When update is completed, it is shown saying "update was completed." and works in new firmware.

※During firmware update, please never switch off the body.

The above