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SureAx 30 days free trial!

It is About SUREAX with shuakkusu

We change information sharing in smartphone

"SureAx" is cloud service for corporations which can share schedule book, photograph, video, Audio anywhere anytime as well as document and file. Secure in information to be available in PC, and to be necessary for business; and share in real time, and accelerate your business.

Smartphone from exclusive application of PC can carry the latest material

We just make drag-&-drop for exclusive application, and cloud can upload file. File which we uploaded can share file by simple operation anywhere anytime.


Perfect security

All the data save on the cloud
As we store all the data on the cloud and do not leave in terminal, we do not have to worry about information leakage when we lost terminal by any chance.
We can read operation log
As manager can read operation log that who made what when, information sharing is possible in secure environment.
We lock ID by remote control
When we discover terminal loss and the unjust use, we lock login ID by remote control of manager and come with suspension.
Access control
As reading setting is possible for each folder, we can share highly confidential information of company in secure environment, too.
Device management specific by terminal ID
Such as as can choose the certification by original device ID in addition to company cord, user identification, the certification by password, only PC and home PC of company supply doing access permission; can set.


We set joint ownership range of all company/department/individuals and are planned registration and calendar which we can refer to.

We transmit only URL of large-capacity file and come to the other party which does not use SUREAX by file transmission.

We store file for a certain period of time in terminal and, for cases that the electric wave situation has bad, are function that we can read.

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