SUREAX Sure biz Accelerator. [shuakkusu]

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We can do it in cloud service + smartphone to here!

At the time of Case1 going out

Any device can read the latest information anywhere anytime even if we do not carry card case and schedule book, a large quantity of materials. We can cope with urgent correspondence when going out immediately.

At the time of Case2 business talk

When necessary material is necessary, we can easily take out. We can suggest with material which is most suitable for customer on the spot even if we do not carry a large quantity of materials.

In the Case3 shop floor

We can share information with manager who by using photograph and video, is in remote place in real time. When trouble and accident happened, we can get precise designation.

In information sharing by Case4 team

Team can share large-capacity file which we cannot attach for email by simple operation. We can share only/information depending on access control necessary in being able to set where we do not show.

At Case5 home

We can access the latest information even from home if connected to the Internet. When we cannot go to our office in emergency, we can continue duties in secure environment.

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