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Common question FAQ

We introduce contents with many inquiries by question-and-answer format.

About overall service

What is Q.SureAx (shuakkusu)?
A.SureAx is cloud service for corporations which can share document and file anywhere anytime in WindowsPC.
Please tell operating environment of Q.SureAx.
It is available in A.WindowsPC.
You can confirm the details than this.
Please tell file format supporting Q.SureAx.
A.Please see file type.

About evaluation copy

How is Q.SureAx evaluation copy usable?
A.Apply than evaluation copy application. We work as guide of evaluation copy than the person in charge.
What is difference between Q.SureAx evaluation copy and official version?
A.By evaluation copy, we limit period to the 30-day use to 1GB at capacity. There is not difference in function.
When we contract formally, can trace using Q.SureAx evaluation copy continuously use data and ID?
A.After the evaluation copy use, you can use data and ID only for application within 30th continuously. We delete data of the use and ID by evaluation copy when it passes more than 30 days.

About how to use

Q.After registering data, and having updated, which timeliness do you deliver to SureAx application by?
A.As data are uploaded in real time to cloud, you can see immediately.
Q.How do data which we made become as seen in SureAx application when they do?
A.Using exclusive application, please register. If it is WindowsPC, we can register by making drag-&-drop.
Q.When data and telephone book sharing are updated, what happens?
A.As data are uploaded in real time to cloud, you can see immediately.
Can it allow you to download Q.SureAx contents?
Only for A.WindowsPC, local can download. Smartphone cannot download.
Is Q.SureAx usable abroad?
A.Available. But please be careful as packet charges are necessary depending on contract contents of the use terminal.
Q.Is there Manual?
A.You can download Manual from downloading page.
Is there Q.WebAPI?
A.There are none.
Q.Can you upload image and file collectively?
A.Possible. For more details, please see Manual of each application.
Q.Can you grasp current use capacity?
A.You can confirm use capacity in Top menu screen of each application.

About account

What is license of Q.SureAx?
A.It is right that can issue user account. You can issue 1 user account per 1 license.
Can you register Q.SureAx account by lump?
We can register by lump from A.CSV file.
Can you limit user who can read Q.SureAx contents?
A.We can limit. We can limit by changing authority that we can access of shared folder by operation of manager.
Q.Can manager investigate access history of user?
A.Yes. We can read log.
Q.What should I do to change user account?
A.We cannot change user account.
What should I do to delete Q.SureAx user?
A.After having deleted data which applicable user saves from the SureAx top, please delete account. In addition, contract license number is not deleted even if we delete account.

About contract

Q.When I contract after the trial formally, what should I do?
A.Contact or inquiry form, please contact the person in charge. About contract, I will inform.
Q.What happens when we exceed capacity contracting?
A.When we are going to save more than capacity, application displays warning and cannot save.
Q.Can you stop just to have made a try?
A.Possible. But data which had you save delete with a fixed period of time.
Q.What should the cancellation of a contract after official contract do?
A.Please contact the person in charge. I will inform procedure for cancellation.
Q.What happens to data after having canceled?
A.With a fixed period of time, we will delete all. In addition, data which we deleted cannot restore once.

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