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It is About SUREAX with shuakkusu

User operation explanation

Method to upload file to cloud as operation method, smartphone explains method to read again in that.

Upload method of file

Login needs, company cord, user ID, password. We use user ID and password that manager made.

Company code is identifier to sort area for the company in cloud.

We start file by double click
Opening and shutting of folder and start of file are double-clicked. Like Windows Explorer is available intuitively because can operate without being puzzled over operation.

Only folder which user identification that logged in was assigned to is displayed by security settings of manager, and other folder is not displayed.

We easily share by drag & drop
3.It stores file
We store away target file in predetermined folder of "SureAx" (shuakkusu) by drag & drop.

We can upload multiple file at the same time. We can easily share by intuitive operation.

4.File sharing setting
Shared folder can select whether it allows other users to operate file on storage.

User except oneself becomes read-only when they choose iieo.

5.Confirmation of file sharing setting
We can easily confirm joint ownership state in mark of file list.

Only as for = oneself green (do not share)
Yellow = oneself can edit other users too, too
Red = other users only as for reading

Joint ownership method to the outside

1.We choose file
Mail is large-capacity file which we cannot attach, but, using "SureAx" (shuakkusu), can transmit to outside the company safely.

We choose file which is released outside among shared folder.

2.Public link making
We set the number of times that DL can make period and file which are released into.

Password for access is generated automatically. Without password cannot be released.

URL and password for downloading are generated. Please inform partner ahead who wants to be released of URL and password by emails.
3.Work in sink
It becomes password input screen when we access URL for downloading.
After the password input, downloading page is displayed.

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