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SureAx 30 days free trial!

It is About SUREAX with shuakkusu

We realize data cooperation at every information terminal

It is simple and, from meeting materials, catalogue, proposal, document data such as Manual to multimedia data such as image, Audio, video, can share data of every format.

Secure in information necessary for business; and share in real time, and accelerate your business.

We just make drag-&-drop for exclusive application, and cloud can upload file. As file which we uploaded can access anywhere anytime using WindowsPC, we can share file by simple operation.

We deliver information to terminal of the entire company all at once just to have drag and drop of file from PC and draw superior function that cloud joint ownership has thoroughly.

We conduct a business and convert mobility of Mobile terminal

As we make data sharing with cloud, we can share duties data regardless of time, place. Let alone meeting room of whereabouts, we change place where had difficulty in data cooperation conventionally into area where information sharing is possible in real time at product line of factory and construction site under construction.

Moreover, domain of data cooperation of company spreads out to the world from office in "SUREAX" (shuakkusu) outside the company, company interval.

Meeting in the company and sharing of the minutes are easily available for becoming paperless if we use "SUREAX" (shuakkusu). Furthermore, replacement of material adjacent to meeting is easy, too. As we can share materials with cloud, it is available at meeting with distant place.

In the shop floor
We can share information with manager who by using photograph and video, is in remote place in real time.
When trouble and accident happened, we can get precise designation.
In information sharing by team
Team can share large-capacity file which we cannot attach for email by simple operation.
We can share only/information depending on access control necessary in being able to set where we do not show.
Even as for the telework
We can access the latest information even from home if connected to the Internet. When we cannot go to our office in emergency, we can continue duties in secure environment.
Simple design to be usable to anyone

"SUREAX" (shuakkusu) as for the upload of file from PC only as for dorakku & drop. It is plain user interface that we can easily use in anyone in the company without seeing Manual.

Perfect security and support system which were optimized by use of corporation
Coding of all communication
All the communication between user system encrypts.
We prevent unauthorized access by third party.
Central control of access right
Manager who is privileged user consolidates user account folder access right.
We carry out setting change for user immediately in large quantities.
All the data save on the cloud
As we store all the data on the cloud and do not leave in terminal, we do not have to worry about information leakage when we lost terminal by any chance.
We can read operation log
As manager can read operation log that who made what when, information sharing is possible in secure environment.
We lock ID by remote control
When we discover terminal loss and the unjust use, we lock login ID by remote control of manager and come with suspension.
Access control
As reading setting is possible for each folder, we can share highly confidential information of company in secure environment, too.
Domestic datacenter
Structure that cloud storage becoming plant of data is to store replication of data to plural hosts, and is strong for obstacle. Furthermore, it is available without stress as we can handle large-capacity data fast.
Domestic support center
Domestic support center of relief. When you have a problem when you have any questions in having you use service, the staff will support on the telephone.
Cost side of relief

"SureAx" (shuakkusu) is cloud service to use function of software via the Internet.

As it is not necessary to own IT assets, initial cost and daily operational cost, additional expenses to suffer from version up of system again that initial construction costs may not occur at all.

It is monthly basis fee depending on the number of the user ID, storage capacity that customer is expected to pay. By when it is necessary, being necessary, and contracting, can optimize service use cost. If service becomes needless, we can stop the use immediately.

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