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Introduction example

DATALINKS Corporation

SureAx (shuakkusu)
We support paperless meeting using iPad

DATALINKS Corporation which provides various IT solution commencing with data mining using SAS. We introduced cloud type file-sharing service SureAx [shuakkusu] (following SureAx) which iPad and ELECOM CO., LTD. provided to realize paperless meeting in the company. We visited story to Naoi, two people of Chigusa we introduced into office, and what kind of step SureAx was utilized by how this time.

DATALINKS Corporation corporate service unification part Planning's manager Yasuo Naoi
DATALINKS Corporation corporate service unification part BPR promotion part Takeshi Chigusa

Becoming paperless of business meeting

It is Chigusa, Naoi from the left

-- What was opportunity when we introduced SureAx into?

Naoi: It was start to have intended, anyway, to push forward becoming paperless of meeting materials. There was suggestion from our Top saying "we will do approach to talk about example that we actually introduced becoming paperless into as IT company to customer.". It is opportunity that it was going to allow you to explain the effectiveness of business inflection of tablet devices to customer based on example that we actually performed.

-- I see, is concrete if is actually example using; seem to be able to suggest.

Naoi: It leads to talk. We think that it should be a chance by to tell customer about "having begun introduction with iPad at paperless meeting in us.", dig up the potentiality needs of customer.

-- What kind of meeting would you be made paperless at?

Naoi: Business meeting was management extended meeting again and became paperless. There are two big meetings every month. At that meeting, we completely realized becoming paperless. About periodical meeting in group, we have you go freely.

Indication of file should be fast.

-- What kind of point does decisive factor that had you introduce SureAx become?

Naoi: As level of IT literacy of participant varies, it is simple, and it compared various service by point of view of operability to be able to manage without feeling stress, but it becomes decisive factor that SureAx was quick in speed of the first indication. Anyway, we focused on convenience.

Chigusa: Well. We actually used evaluation copy and were the fastest until we displayed file. In addition, it was condition not to be able to take off that even security side that there was of a feeling of resistance cleared our policy in use of cloud.

Naoi: After all, decisive factor is point having user spend without stress. It was said to our Top that it was late to have serious matter of sense of speed when we showed service according to 1 degree.

Chigusa: As character was small with big paper as for the material of business meeting, we made expansion, reduction better, but when we enlarged, indication might not catch up with, but there was not such a thing in SureAx.

-- We actually had you use evaluation copy with material to use in business meeting.

Chigusa: Well. After that, it is SureAx that was the quickest in indication. We think of rebaiito.

Consumption of paper decreased by 6.4%.

-- What kind of effect was provided by SureAx introduction?

Naoi: There was not example yet, but, in the real business spot, quantity of paper decreased. It decreased by 6.4% when we saw on the basis of the year. As we introduce and are number of half a year, it is a pleasure this year. As we made meeting materials of 80-120 pieces of every time for real precedent meeting and distributed to more than 20 participants, considerable numbers decreased.

Chigusa: At point of preparations, it was reduced time. Even if materials become last-minute, we just upload.

It became big one step of good use of iPad.

-- What kind of thing do you think of about utilization in future SureAx?

Naoi: We think that it is usable for joint ownership of material when sales does business with iPad.

Chigusa: At usable point, utilizable width seems to spread without worrying about the electric wave situation by off-line function.

Naoi: Among others, it was not SureAx, but people who as oneself actually operated, were interested in tablet increased, and it was private, and people who purchased NEXUS7 seemed to be.

With this matter as foothold, we recommend internally to introduce structure which we can manage of various data. It becomes big one step of good use of iPad in this sense.

-- Thank you.

Customer profile

Company name: DATALINKS Corporation

The location: The 25th floor of the 2-7-1, Nishishinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Odakyu Dai-ichi Mutual Life Insurance Co. Building


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