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Introduction example

Association of Ehime Society of Commerce and Industry society

Society of Commerce and Industry to support from management, finance, mutual aid relations, various insurance relations, every aspect including thing of tax practice for medium and small-sized business in Ehime. In association of Ehime Society of Commerce and Industry society bundling up the Society of Commerce and Industry, make wide area of the jurisdiction area of each Society of Commerce and Industry accompanied with merger of towns and villages, of needs for management instruction of company because diversify, it is problem improvement in leadership and averaging of patrol instructor of each Society of Commerce and Industry, real time vs. stress reinforcement. Therefore we introduced tablet F-05E and SureAx (shuakkusu) made in Fujitsu Corporation to plan management and finance, becoming paperless of about 200 kinds of materials including tax practice. Adaptation to circumstances and can cope without carrying of all impossible materials being enabled before as quantity is enormous, and depending on skill of instructor. The system which could support consultation content on the spot was fixed. We heard story from Inai we introduced, and how SureAx was utilized this time in what kind of opportunity.

Person in charge of Facility Planning Division instruction chief Tsuyoshi Inai

We introduce tablet and SureAx into paperless realization

-- What was opportunity when we introduced SureAx into?

Inai: While there is process in various ways, but utilization that is new in the world terminal called tablet is done;, as Society of Commerce and Industry organization, what kind of; after being able to utilize, or considering, place called becoming paperless was given.

-- What kind of thing would be made paperless?

Inai: For duties of Society of Commerce and Industry, it is what we support in every aspect to business Tokoro of each member. When it was in form that finance, mutual aid are related if there is, and even that including thing of tax practice provides the management public as materials as well as various insurance relations, that, it is to great quantity. That is why we squeezed for each person in charge and carried materials. We thought that there might be individual differences in material to take, but consolidated to some extent in SureAx so that we hierarchized depending on management problem of each each as you should do heijuka if possible, and the person in charge provided the same information to member.

-- By becoming paperless when it is explained in information about paper
   Each person in charge became able to explain in the same material.

Inai: Furthermore, tablet thought that visibility was well very good when we had member see.

Cheap thing became decisive factor.

-- What kind of thing would decisive factor that had you adopt SureAx be?

Inai: Price included the best decisive factor. After weighing some products, in functional aspect, it was similar function, and it was SureAx that was the cheapest in that. In addition, after actually using evaluation copy, we were equal with needs enough.
In addition, we think that the person in charge is usable enough even if we do not explain most as how to use SureAx is very easy.

We can reduce traveling time

-- We introduced SureAx, and what kind of effect was there?

Inai: We think that we can reduce time and cost that movement costs rather than by becoming paperless, having been able to reduce cost of paper. For example, we might revisit with information when we had member request material which we did not have with us when we visited. As we can explain on the spot in such case if materials enter SureAx, it is avoided what we revisit.

-- I see, there may be such an aspect.

Inai: That is because Society of Commerce and Industry which there was 53 by mergers decreased to 23. In it, each person in charge must support wide area very much. We may reduce by having made paperless using SureAx as it takes traveling time very much when it becomes re-visit in such a thing.

We want to use video in future.

-- What kind of utilization will you think of in SureAx in future?

Inai: As they begin to use in earnest, and only around two months have passed yet, we take questionnaire once and each person in charge uses how or is going to hear in future. Therefore, if there are any effective things, you want to be able to use for other people in charge. We do like that and want to turn PDCA. In addition, when we are going to open big file because we use on LTE and 3GC line, time may suffer, but is using big file, e.g., video now if we can improve such an aspect.

-- Thank you. As there is what's called off-line browsing feature in additional capability,
   Please consider in future.

Customer profile

Company name: Association of Ehime Society of Commerce and Industry society

The location: 1-5-19, Miyanishi, Matsuyama-shi, Ehime


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